Fashion Friday Heads to PUG

Happy Friday my lovelies! Words cannot express how excited I am to share this week’s post with you all. Last month I had the great fortune to take a trip to the Los Angeles area, I got to check out Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, a few other surrounding areas and best of all I got to visit Burbank! Now what is so special about Burbank you may ask? Well it just so happens to be where Pinup Girl Boutique is located! I did it, I lived the dream of every girl who loves pinup style, I actually got to walk through those magical doors that transport you back to days gone by simply by surrounding you in all things beautiful. I can only compare the experience to that of being a small child who just got their allowance and walked into a candy store. When I first arrived I hardly knew where to look first, there was something I “needed” everywhere my eyes landed, dress after beautiful dress, separates that were so beautiful they could make you cry, and accessories so fantastic you finally understood what it would be like to be an actual Barbie Doll.

  in the shop I was in my element you guys!photo 3 (3)

Seriously Pinup Girl Clothing has something no other stores have nowadays, not only are there clothes like that of days gone by, but there window displays are witty and beautiful, and they give you the individual attention that used to be the norm in our grandparents day and age. True customer service to go along with perfect products? Yes please! As soon as I walked in I was greeted with warm smiles and hello’s, while I was going through picking out dresses to try on, one of the lovely ladies of the store said she could go ahead and put them in the dressing room that way I didn’t have to carry them around while shopping, and while trying on the dresses I was praised with the sweetest of compliments, that truly made me feel beautiful and special. The girls of PUG are beautiful, sweet, and incredibly friendly and helpful if you ever have the chance to go to the boutique BY ALL MEANS GO! Oh also they’re having a yardsale this Sunday so if you’re in the area you certainly don’t want to miss it. If however you do not live in the area you can at least buy the clothes on line, and let me tell ya never in your life are you going to be able to buy ready made clothes that will flatter and fit this well! Yes PUG is a little on the higher end but in this case you’re not paying for a brand you are paying for true quality!

Now on to the dresses. I already knew what I wanted when I walked into the boutique. I am a planner shopper 😉 but I did try on a few things just for kicks, just a few things mind you. I knew if I tried on everything I would inadvertently want everything.

PicMonkey CollageNow I knew that I wanted the Ella Dress but I wasn’t entirely sure what color I wanted. It was nearly impossible to choose they were all so beautiful, and never in my life was I more tempted to blow the budget and buy a second dress when I tried on the ever so sexy Vamp dress! I mean wowie wow wow! This dress does magical things for ones curves…I feel a future purchase coming on you guys. After lots of giggling, going back and forth with which dress I wanted, and conversing with the girls in shop over which Ella I should get I finally picked a color.

6628The Blue Ella! It was difficult to decide as all the Ellas were just delightfully beautiful, but there was just something about the blue I couldn’t pass up!6483Needless to say this dress made me feel like a star!6506PicMonkey CollageI just cannot get over the skirt of this dress! So much glorious fabric, honestly this is why I didn’t feel the least bit sorry about buying this dress, not only is it beautiful, but when you think about how much the fabric would cost you if you were to make this garment yourself it would be well over the cost of this already constructed perfect masterpiece. Plus all of PUG’s pieces are made in the USA, now talk about feeling good about your purchase.654366186639Oh ya did I forget to mention? This dress has pocket!!!67066586666265586644

Clearly happy about my purchase

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing How can words even do this dress justice? The colors are spectacular, the fabric quality is out of this world, the fit is superb and very much true to size, plus its just so pretty! The moment I walked out of the dressing room I couldn’t help but say “I feel like a princess” which is what every girl wants right? This dress is all about detail the gathered peasant bodice, grosgrain bow under the bust, wide waist band, and pockets make for such a glorious combination. I heard all sorts of incredible reviews on PUG pieces and I felt like maybe they were too good to be true. But it is absolutely true. PUG is quality and beauty wrapped up into the most perfect garments you will ever have the pleasure of wearing. Its easy to waste money on cheap pieces of clothing and make do, but wouldn’t you rather buy something that will last through trends as well as wear and tear? I say yes to investing in ourselves, our closets, and in a business that really listens to its customers, and caters to women of all shapes and sizes.

Petticoat: Malco Modes

Shoes: Payless not the exact pair I am wearing. The ones I bought were on clearance so they’re no longer available.

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and that you check out Pinup Girl Clothing. Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday Heads to PUG

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  2. You look stunning in this! I am obsessing over the blue Ella, so I’m happy I found your post 🙂 The PUG Boutique looks amazing, it’s my dream to go there even though I think I would spend wayyy more money than online because I’d have the luxury of trying things on 😛 Do you mind saying which size you got? You look around the same size as me & I’m torn between the small and medium. My measurements are 34″ bust 27-28″ waist 38″ hips.

    • Awe thank you so much! I know what you mean, normally I’m pretty good about keeping to a budget but man being in Pinup Girl Boutique makes you want to throw that budget right out the window. I don’t mind saying what size I got, I purchased it in a medium. My measurements are quite similar to yours I’m 36″ 27.5″ 36″ I could have technically gone down to a small but I have a fairly broad back so when I zipped up the ella in a size small a little “back cleavage” happened haha so I figured a little extra room in the medium was the better choice for me. Best of luck on your Ella purchase!

      • Yeah, I’m going to California in November & visiting the boutique crossed my mind, but I may not just so I can come back home with some money haha! Hmmm I may go with the small, just because of my bust measurement..if it was bigger I’d go with medium, I just can’t stand a gaping bust in dresses, which unfortunately happens a lot thanks to my in between measurements.

        Thank you for the advice, I still haven’t purchased–I am kind of holding out for a sale! Oh, and after finding this post I looked some more at your blog (which is lovely by the way), and I decided to order the sculpture pin curler after reading your review! It’s on its way & I can’t wait to have glamorous curls ;P

      • Oh wow have a great time while in California! Ya a visit to to Pinup Girl Boutique will always result in some extreme purchasing I’d imagine 😉 I mean I get serious sticker shock but I was ready to start blowing budgets when I was there haha 😉 I think the small will fit you beautifully! In between measurements can be frustrating but I’m fairly certain the small is gonna be great for you.

        You are more than welcome for the advice, I love talking fashion with people, and thank you so much for your kind words. Its always so rewarding people enjoy my blog. Let me know how the pin curler works out for you, I absolutely love it!

  3. I absolutely love this post! Those dresses are beautiful, I wish this style was popular again and available at stores – I just can’t get over how gorgeous the blue dress is! I recently did a post about vintage clothing, it’s not the most classic pieces in my posts, but it’s so hard to find nice vintage clothing now a days! I wish the style dresses in your post were easier to find! Great blog!

    • Awe thank you very much. I feel precisely the same way, I feel as though people have lost the art of dressing well. But I am pleased to report the pinup rockabilly scene does seem to be making a comeback, its definitely alive and well in California where Pinup Girl Clothing is located, one of the few stores that carries a beautiful variety of vintage reproduction. Thankfully they sell their pieces on line too so you don’t have to live locally to get their beautiful clothes and accessories. Also I checked out your post and its absolutely lovely!

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