Keith Harkin Concert Pictures

Okay so I am finally posting this blog, sorry for the delay but there were a lot of pictures to go through, story of my life… Anyway I had the pleasure of seeing Keith again on Saturday. Now one might think that after seeing someone a few times it wouldn’t be as fun, exciting, or whatever positive adjective you care to use, but I must say I enjoyed myself just as much maybe even more than previous shows. Not only is Keith an incredible musician but so are the guys he is with, David Bakey is a phenomenal guitar player, and Barry Kerr is quite the jack of all trades, playing wind instruments, vocals, and the mandolin. I could yammer on and on about what a fabulous time I had, but I am sure you would all rather just see the photographs, so here they are.

David BakeyDave Bakey


Barry Kerr

-130Keith Harkin

The BandThe Band

-100This may be one of the most infectious smiles I have ever seen. 🙂

-196-692-701-657679Gorgeous McPherson guitar!

-501-231-637-316-659what a smirk!

-361-310-513-495-559-62895To say it was a great concert would be an understatement, on top of getting to hear the guys rock out, I managed to get my picture taken with Keith even though the guys had a long bit of driving to do afterwards, talk about someone who is great to their fans.

715If you have the opportunity to see Keith perform do not hesitate, buy those tickets it may be one of the best purchases you make all year 😉

Here is a link to some of Keith’s tour dates check em out and see if he’s playing near you

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you all have a Happy Tuesday.








19 thoughts on “Keith Harkin Concert Pictures

  1. Great job! But I have to tell ya, it’s not just the smile…it’s the “crinkly” eyes that make it special. Mischief, or pure joy, at its best 😉

  2. Fantastic shots, Sarah! Thank you for taking them and for taking the time to post them! Going to see Keith tomorrow night!

  3. Thank you Sarah for some fantastic photos. I reckon that smile is pure mischief !! but also joy because he is so happy doing what he does!!

  4. A couple of classic Keith ‘looks’ among these. You do an excellent job of capturing Keith through your camera lens. Keep up the good work. I could not see his boots nor the lower portion of his pants at show – totally love the pants! Glad I got to see that shot.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous photographs Sarah. Can’t agree with you more about going to see Keith if you ever have the chance. Never will you find another musician/singer/performer who gives more of himself than Keith Harkin gives in each and every appearance on stage.

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