Music Monday: Keith Harkin Band

So it took me absolute ages to post this feature…I’m sorry but vacations, sickness, and just the fact that I took a ton of pictures meant I had my work cut out for me. I swear all of my posts these day’s begin with an excuse…shame on me. Anyway back in December I had the great pleasure of attending a Keith Harkin Band gig, yep that’s right a Keith Harking BAND! I’ve seen Keith perform many a times and I am always blown away by his artistry and musicality, but oh my goodness to experience the kind of energy that is brought to the stage when there is a full band is nothing short of AMAZING! I had such an incredible time and I’m sure you can tell from the pictures everyone else was too! 9307



















If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch Keith at Poor Davids back in December fret not because he’s coming back March 18th and you can reserve your tickets here if you’re not able to make the gig might I suggest purchasing Keith’s LONG AWAITED SECOND ALBUM: On Mercy Street Here. Every song is so raw and honest you feel as if you have your own private show with Keith right there. I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures and that you all continue to support true artists like these lads here! Cheers!



3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Keith Harkin Band

  1. You’ve done it again Sarah!!! You’ve captured the amazingness of the show in pictures! Took me back to the show my son, Dylan, & I attended in November at the Hard Rock in Pittsburgh! It was our first solo Keith show & we loved every minute of it! Thanks for sharing & keep up the great work! =)

  2. He is my favorite entertainer, singer in this whole world. Cannot wait to see him again. I was fortunate to get to hear him sing and meet him in Indianapolis, IN on November 17, 2015. He is terrific, if you ever get the chance to see him please take that opportunity. He is a very humble deserving hard working young man.

  3. Hi Sarah: My husband and I were actually guests of Keith and Kelsey. We saw him in Chicago and asked his favorite venue–Poor Davids–he “put us on the list” and we flew to Dallas to see him. Keith and the Band were touched that we “crazies” came all that way, but in Keith fashion–
    We were treated like royalty, acknowledged and will forever remember our special night. That young man will set the world on fire because he is not interested in fame and fortune. I mentioned to him about getting a Grammy Award—-he would have none of it. He said he just wants to fill up a room with people and sing to them. Who, at that age, has that kind of soul??
    We gave him a list of venues in our area (Chicago) and hope we can help him come back this way for a visit. Thanks for letting me comment. Just another Keith fan!!

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