Fashion Friday is Back.

I am sorry I become so lapsed in my blogging. I think having a weekly built in theme of a blog post should do either one of two things, motivate to blog more, or really expose how lazy I truly am 😉 So here it goes I am returning to Fashion Friday posts. This is an outfit I wore on Wednesday when I met up with my friend Lauren and the other bridesmaids, for a girls night out, good food, and some shopping, so I tried to keep it stylish without being stuffy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so I was able to wear shorts, but I knew night would become a little chilled so I grabbed “my” beloved denim jacket.

006051052Seriously folks this is what happens when I try to model…sigh…such a dork.


Earrings: Charlotte Russe.

Jacket: Stole it from my mothers closet.

Polka dot tank: Charlotte Russe.

Shorts: Cotton On.

Ballet flats: Payless.

Turquoise ring: Bought from a Native American vender up in OK.

Gold Bracelet. Sorry it was a gift so I haven’t a clue.

Purse. Charming Charlies. So I am not a bag person but I absolutely adore this bag. One of the best gifts ever!

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit and post! Happy Friday my lovelies!

Dog Sitting.

So about a week ago a friend of mine asked me to dog/home sit for her, I of course jumped at it, I’ve watched her dog before and he is pretty sweet, and a little extra me time and cash never hurts. What was great about it I had a LOT of me time! There was no tv or computer so I did not waste a lot of time being lazy, which I am guilty of most of the time hahaha. So how did I spend my time you might ask? I took care of Ace (the dog), read a little (Jane Eyre), Jogged, Talked to friends (cell phone, see I did have some technology), listened to music, and took some pictures 🙂

Something else that was great about my stay was the weather was gorgeous! Nice and cool but not cold! This of course lasted a little while, then we got some pretty scary looking clouds! I’ll show you the polar opposite weather that we get here in Texas.

So all in all I had a great time.