Home on the range.

 So about a week ago my mom, little sister, and myself went to a friend’s home out in the country, my mom and little sister couldn’t get enough of it! I was a great deal more um…hesitant to fully embrace everything especially the grass hoppers (eeew). I was raised in a farming community up until I was 5, so the saying once a country girl always a country girl could not be more wrong. I enjoy open spaces and country values however I am very city in my approach to wildlife. I feel like a walking contradiction haha no I enjoy the city to live in, and the country to visit and adore to photograph. So I hope you enjoy some of my pictures.

Cowboy Wedding

So a few weeks ago I did my very first wedding gig. I was so nervous but the Bride was so wonderfully laid back she put me right at ease. I have been so afraid to do wedding pictures because I was afraid of getting a bridezilla! Needless to say the bride was the complete opposite of that. The wedding was a cowboy themed and I loved every minute of it.

                               Super Sweet Flower Girls                               


                                             Adorable Ring Bearer                 

                                                        The Beautiful Bride


                                                                       The Kiss


                                                             The Embrace

                                             The Happy Couple

                                         I just love this photo

                                                 The Congrats 🙂


 There will be a continuation on this particular blog of more pictures of the happy couple. There are so many great ones to choose from.