Confessions of a super single girl.

We as people are an inquisitive oh let’s just face it were actually a nosey group. I mean the first thing we do when we meet someone is ask a lot of questions, whats your name? how old are you? do you go to school? do you go to work? Now in my opinion none of this is too personal or prying, in fact it’s quite polite, it gives the two of you something to talk about. The one question I seem to have a problem with is “So are you seeing anyone?” I don’t actually have a problem with this one, so much as I do with the inevitable questions that follow it when you say “no”. Questions like Do you want to be single?  Well why do you think you’re still single? Have you ever dated? and so on and so on. Then after you have survived the firing squad of questions then come some statements (I have yet to determine if they are well-intentioned or just insulting) statements such as well that’s ok, you have plenty of time, you have nothing to worry about, or the worst you are so brave. Brave REALLY? come on!

(look at me facing the world on my own I am so brave)

And it’s not just people you first meet that ask these ever so delicate questions, a lot of the time its family, I may be an exception to the norm because my mother doesn’t really care about my relationship status, the people who care are my brothers! Really Really? You two are the same brothers that chased guys away from me? pushed them around when they talked to me? and acted like you were my own personal body guards right? And now you have a sudden interest in me finding someone?

(So you like my sister? *cocks gun*)

There is nothing wrong with being single and there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship (just so long as it’s a healthy relationship) I will be single until I meet someone who changes my mind about how nice it is to be alone. So who are the types of guys that could change my mind? prehaps…




So as I go over my blog post I can’t help but feel I have a problem, everyone I suggested that could change my mind is about 20 years older than me and most likely already seeing someone or married. Looks like I am going to be single for a while then and “that’s ok”! Hahaha. Hope this post made laugh or smile. Happy Monday!!!