Holidays Fashions and My Opinions

The Christmas season is upon us bringing along with it an influx of different “Holiday Fashions” Let us begin with the Kitschy nostalgia fashions.

Christmas Theme Sweaters

                                       Now I personally do not have a problem with these sweaters if you are having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, or even if you’re doing your Funny Christmas card portraits in them, but other than that please don’t wear them, you can wear sweaters just not any that are holiday specific.

Holiday socks

Honestly my feet get so cold in the winter I don’t really even care if my socks match so I can’t honestly have a big problem with these.

The Santa Hat (Please ignore how uncomfortable these people look)

the santa hat, adorable on certain people for only one month during the year. Children in my opinion could wear only these hats in december and be just precious, they could forget about any other style and just stick with these if they wanted. Adults however have to pick very carefully when to wear them, please do not replace your everyday winter hats with this item if you’re older than 13.

Now let’s move onto the more sparkly items, please remember ” all that glitters is not gold”

Super Sparkly Pumps

Hooray someone finally made it acceptable for us to still wear our Dorothy-esque shoes! I love sparkly pumps but only when they take center stage…the whole point of these shoes is for them to make a statement not for them to compete with the rest of you that is covered in sparkle, like a disco ball, sparkle is like salt use sparingly.

 Glitter eyeshadow

I personally will probably never try this look, for fear of glitter getting in my eye and scratching it to pieces I freak if I so much as get an eyelash in there! So it’s a no from me, its cute (if done right, sometimes it look like a party girl who never washes her face) but in my opinion it seems a little dangerous.

Sequined dress

This one is a toss-up for me, I like it and then I don’t, it’s all about following specific rules, make sure the shape is flattering, the sequins are not too big, you have the right accessories, and that you wear it in a proper setting. If all of these rules are followed you can pull it off!

Sequined top

I think apart from the shoes, this is the most accessible glittery look, I really like the sequined tops, especially when paired with tougher accessories, leather jacket, biker or combat boots, and a great pair of rock star style skinny jeans.

Next up velvet.

Velvet Blazer

Strangely enough I love this look, I think it looks quite posh (when the cut is right) and both men and women look great in velvet blazers.

Velvet dresses.

I just don’t care for velvet dresses, I wore one in the 90’s (it was cute then) but to me it seems silly to wear an article of clothing I wore when I was a child. Too dated for me.

Velvet shoes.

I like them quite a bit for winter, they look cozy and polished a combination that almost never seems to happen! Just don’t wear them when the ground is wet! Yikes!

These are strictly my opinions, if you don’t agree with me that’s just fine, the world would be a much duller place if we all dressed the same, but most of us can still remain ourselves and follow a few fashion guidelines. Happy Wednesday!