Tea for Two

 So a few years ago my mom, little sister, and myself were studying etiquette so we decided to have an afternoon tea. A time to relax but also I time to learn, we read about the origin of tea, the information about the flowers that we had in our arrangement, and typical tea time food. We ended up having so much fun that we decided to continue to have our tea time tradition. So this year we decided to have a room specifically for tea, our little haven, a no boys allowed, sanctuary! Our beautiful room came together piece by piece, and let me tell you my mom (although hates shopping) is a master shopper, the lady has no problem waiting for a deal (11 years for the perfect sofa at the price she wanted haha) scouting garage sales and estate sales for those perfect little touches! Well her patience was rewarded with a beautiful room and a cup of tea waiting for her everyday! So I encourage all of you to have a time everyday for yourself in a place you love whether that be in a beautiful room with tea, or your favorite local coffee shop with latte in hand. You will be a better person for it trust me 😀