Fashion Friday Featuring Jamberry Nails

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been away travelling. But I am back and have a great post for you. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably seen a lot postings about Jamberry and figured it to be one of those flash in the pan type things but I can honestly say its amazing and will be sticking around, no pun intended.

My dear friend Katelyn McWilliams sent me a sample, and I went into this experiment without any bias or preconceived notions because I want to be 100% honest with my readers. Well here is my honest review, I absolutely love Jamberry nails! They come in several great colors and designs that would be too difficult to replicate by hand, especially hands like mine, I shake like a Chihuahua on a paint mixer, they’re easy to apply, and they are long lasting! I can make nail polish last a grand total of 3 days before chipping, 3 days of being super careful and I still mess them up. But I wasn’t careful while using the Jamberry nails because I wanted to see if they would work for someone like me, and boy did they ever. I washed dishes, my hair, cooked, cleaned, and did other hard on a manicure activities but these babies stayed put. The same cannot be said for the nail polish.






I cut my sample in half and didn’t need to trim around the edges, as it fit my nails perfectly, but everyone’s nail beds are different so trim if you must.IMG_5730

One of my favorite things about Jamberry is that they are heat activated which means no drying time! I warmed the nail wrap with a blow dryer til pliable.


Then attached the wrap to my nail, being very careful not to have any on my skin as it wont stick properly.IMG_5734

Trimmed and filed off the excess.IMG_5735

Then hit it one last time with the blow dryer for a secure seal.IMG_57381 week challengeBefore and after 1 week. As you can see the Jamberry is still going strong and the polish has been destroyed.

I only rant and rave about something to you guys if I think it’s a quality product and I cannot begin to tell you what a godsend these nail wraps are! I like having pretty nails but waiting on paint to dry is a hassle, as is having it chip just a few days sometimes only moments later, and I don’t really like salons for manicures, they’re expensive, full of noxious fumes, harmful to your nail bed, and I’ve seen one too many new’s segments about how unsanitary they can be *shudders in horror* that is why I am so happy with Jamberry nails and highly suggest you check them out!

You can place your order or ask any questions with my dear friend Katelyn here

Happy Friday my loves!


Fashion Friday

This is my outfit from Monday. We were experiencing bipolar Texas weather, even though it is almost April it was surprisingly cold 50’s during the heat of the day and 32 at night, that may sounds very mild to all of you in colder climates but when you go from the mid 70’s to that it’s quite a shock. So I figured I better take advantage of the cold and wear my lovely knit hat cause it’s gonna be months til it gets this cold again.

8546856385668589IMG_8603My sister’s dog had to join in on the fun too, aren’t we gorgeous 😉

Hat: Claires

Lipstick: I bought from ULTA its the NYX matte lip cream in Monte Carlo

Earrings: Payless

Top: Hot Topic

Necklace: Forever 21, it was a gift from my big brother.

Jeans: Old Navy got these baby’s on clearance for $10

Shoes: Another gift, they are from my best friend, I love my TOMS.

I hope you all enjoyed this post have a happy Fashionable Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Beauty Bashing!

It has been said “That beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I honestly find the statement to be quite true…how else would you explain the art scene, music scene, or even people’s taste in partners? But there seems to be something that occurs during every generation. There is the beauty standard of the day. During the 50’s Marilyn Monroe was the beauty icon, full lips, curly hair, bedroom eyes, and serious curves. Then a mere ten years later and “Twiggy” hit the scene… short pixie cut hair, giant bird like eyes, tall, and very thin. A complete turn around from the years before.

We would like to think that nowadays we have it right, after all we are the generation of understanding (more like apathy if you ask me). But I mean do we really have it right? I am going to have to say no.

How many of you have been on facebook, twitter, or some other social media site and have seen something like this. A young woman with the caption of “No makeup, bragging about how secure in herself she is, and how girls who only posts pictures of themselves in makeup are totally fake! and natural beauty is the only beauty”? Well your self righteous attitude is not only annoying, it is seriously unattractive. The belief that just because someone wears makeup, whether its a little, or if it looks like they were mugged by Sephora does not make them fake. If they wore makeup and lied about it that makes them fake, not the fact that they have pigment on their face. Some of us (myself included) were not born with great skin. Or some of us (still included) enjoy makeup and express ourselves through it, just because it isn’t on canvas does not mean that it isn’t art.

Makeup vs. no makeup is not only place we are getting catty and ridiculous. Body shape is still just as prejudice as ever. How many times have you heard “Real women have curves”? Well I have heard it more than I would care to. I myself am quite curvy, but I am no more woman than my thin best friend or thin little sister! We’re women because God made us that way.

One is not more woman than the other. We come in all shapes and sizes, what is a healthy weight for one person may not be healthy for the next. Being crazy thin is not healthy, and neither is being fat. Take care of yourself and love the figure you have whether it’s a healthy curvy, thin, or even muscular.

Guys I don’t want to be preachy and obnoxious, cause let’s face it preachy people are rather tiresome to be around. But I felt compelled to write this post, after seeing so much catty behavior on facebook. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you have anything you would like to add feel free. Hearing from you all is a highlight of my day. May you all have a Happy Healthy Thursday.

A Crime of Fashion!!!

I was talking with my mother a few days ago about how people will do the craziest things if they think it will make them look beautiful. This of course is nothing new to us, I mean even the Grimm’s brothers were well aware of this fact, in their story of Snow White (keep in mind Disney made it lot less dark) the evil queen tries to kill snow-white with a corset that is too tight!

The Grimm’s version of death by something too tight.

America’s version 😉

 Of course nowadays there are a lot less image obsessed murderers running amok. So let’s talk about some of the dangerous beauty products out there that frighten me. I’m not even talking about the poisonous products in our makeup, diet pills, or even they fact that people carve their bodies like Christmas hams resulting in a frightened mannequin look all in the hopes of looking younger and more beautiful.


I am talking about the beauty products that some people use everyday.

1. The heated eyelash curler. Are we as a people freaking nuts? Why oh why would anyone use a heating element near their eyes? I have sworn off even the regular eyelash curlers after hurting myself like I have never done before (I was careful but that sucker still got me)!

2. The Instyler, yet again another heating element I am scared to death of, I mean what could possibly go wrong its just a rotating curling iron? It’s not like it cold tangle and burn the heck out of you!

3. Vibrating mascara, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but the idea of my mascara wand moving is a little frightening, knowing me I would end up stabbing myself in the eye so no thank you.

4. Tanning beds, don’t get me wrong I love having a nice tan, but I figure that using some sunscreen and 20 minutes in the sun is safer and cheaper. I mean why on earth would I get into something that looks like a giant oven and pay to do so, I mean the thing is pretty much a person toaster, you go in white don’t come out til a golden brown, I just kind of grossed myself out, can’t eat toast for while now haha.

5. Waxing, who on earth thought of this??? Hmmm using a razor to remove hair seems dangerous I should probably just rip those suckers out! Really? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Look I get the need to improve yourself, I mean who doesn’t want to look beautiful right? But let’s learn to draw a line (and not the ones that plastic surgeons draw on you before they cut you up) I’m talking about knowing when enough is enough. I like a little help, there is nothing wrong with using beauty products, but there is definitely something wrong about not knowing your own value as a person. Learn to love yourself for who you are, otherwise you might wind up loving your new and improved self to death haha. Happy Tuesday.