Pin Curls

As someone who adores all things retro, I have recently been trying more vintage ways to style my hair, a week or so ago I tried pin curls and here is how I did them.

1. I started with clean hair (I didn’t have any product so my curls fell at the end of the day, next time I will use some gel or something).

This is what my hair looks like without any styling kinda boring.

2. I parted my hair, and put half in a ponytail holder to keep it out-of-the-way, then I rolled my hair all the way to my scalp, then pinned it with bobby pins.

What it looked like after all my hair was pinned up…ignore my silly face!

3. Then I went to sleep…pretty easy step huh? I found that pin curls are a good deal more comfortable to sleep in than sponge rollers or rag curls. However the pin curls are a good deal looser than what I have achieved with the rag curls or sponge rollers.

I must say I quite like the romantic look of these curls, next time I will use some product and let you guys know if the curls stay any better. Hope everyone has a great weekend and New Years!

A Crime of Fashion!!!

I was talking with my mother a few days ago about how people will do the craziest things if they think it will make them look beautiful. This of course is nothing new to us, I mean even the Grimm’s brothers were well aware of this fact, in their story of Snow White (keep in mind Disney made it lot less dark) the evil queen tries to kill snow-white with a corset that is too tight!

The Grimm’s version of death by something too tight.

America’s version 😉

 Of course nowadays there are a lot less image obsessed murderers running amok. So let’s talk about some of the dangerous beauty products out there that frighten me. I’m not even talking about the poisonous products in our makeup, diet pills, or even they fact that people carve their bodies like Christmas hams resulting in a frightened mannequin look all in the hopes of looking younger and more beautiful.


I am talking about the beauty products that some people use everyday.

1. The heated eyelash curler. Are we as a people freaking nuts? Why oh why would anyone use a heating element near their eyes? I have sworn off even the regular eyelash curlers after hurting myself like I have never done before (I was careful but that sucker still got me)!

2. The Instyler, yet again another heating element I am scared to death of, I mean what could possibly go wrong its just a rotating curling iron? It’s not like it cold tangle and burn the heck out of you!

3. Vibrating mascara, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but the idea of my mascara wand moving is a little frightening, knowing me I would end up stabbing myself in the eye so no thank you.

4. Tanning beds, don’t get me wrong I love having a nice tan, but I figure that using some sunscreen and 20 minutes in the sun is safer and cheaper. I mean why on earth would I get into something that looks like a giant oven and pay to do so, I mean the thing is pretty much a person toaster, you go in white don’t come out til a golden brown, I just kind of grossed myself out, can’t eat toast for while now haha.

5. Waxing, who on earth thought of this??? Hmmm using a razor to remove hair seems dangerous I should probably just rip those suckers out! Really? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Look I get the need to improve yourself, I mean who doesn’t want to look beautiful right? But let’s learn to draw a line (and not the ones that plastic surgeons draw on you before they cut you up) I’m talking about knowing when enough is enough. I like a little help, there is nothing wrong with using beauty products, but there is definitely something wrong about not knowing your own value as a person. Learn to love yourself for who you are, otherwise you might wind up loving your new and improved self to death haha. Happy Tuesday.