So I got married…

Well I have finally gotten around to posting a blog about mine and Dane’s wedding hooray!

Guys having a wedding is no joke, Dane and I had 8 months to plan this event, which wasn’t a massive wedding but good lord it was a lot of work. Lot’s of late night crafting, amazon prime ordering, stressing, crying, shouting “let’s just elope” during every planning session, and dealing with everyone’s unwanted opinions and prying questions during that time is something I am thankful I’ll never have to endure again. But even with all the drama and stress the day was so worth it. Because it was more beautiful and special than I could’ve imagined, and for every troublesome person that caused strife there was a whole group of friends and family who reminded Dane and I that at the end of the day all that matters is we get to marry the loves of our life.

So many people helped make our wedding possible, friends let us use their property for our venue, the bridesmaids put together my bouquet, my brother and his wife bought my headwreath when a previous vendor had flaked on me, and friends helped my mother set up all the decor, gosh we were truly surrounded by some amazing people! You all made our Peter Pan themed wedding better than Disney could’ve managed, and we cannot thank you enough.

hunt-27My sweet nephew always the ladies man 😉

hunt-29.jpgBeautiful Bridesmaids

hunt-45Hubba Hubba hubby.

hunt-83Mom’s always got my back.


hunt-205Having family and friends pray for us right before the ceremony was so special and resulted in some serious ugly cry face from me…yikes!


hunt-90Gotta get back to being presentable 😉





hunt-109This is precisely why I wanted first look photos.



hunt-139Our awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen.






hunt-267Barely keeping it together.


hunt-290My bestest friend through life, my baby sister.



hunt-296Our chosen family.


hunt-422My beautiful baby sang for our first dance.


hunt-473Mom and Dad.

hunt-478My brothers and their beautiful ladies!



hunt-514Welcome to the rest of our lives.

A ridiculously massive shout-out to our phenomenal photographer Cody Kurtz! I honestly cannot recommend this guy enough, he met with Dane and I to fully get to know us as a couple and find out what kind of shots were important to us, and dude he knocked it out of the park.

Flowers were bought from Trader Joes gotta represent our workplace somehow 😉 also I spent less than $100 on our flowers holla!

Groomsmen tuxes from Menguin which I highly recommend, super easy, great customer service, and a heck of a lot cheaper than its competitors.

Bridesmaids dresses were from Unique Vintage, Mod Cloth, and JJ’s House.

My perfectly grey/blue dress was from MilaMira bridal. I will suggest when ordering from them order a size up, my dress was a tad too snug for me, thankfully my mom knew a tailor who was able to change the structure to a corset so I could wear my dress comfortably. But other than the sizing thing I have no complaints, they were wonderfully helpful answering questions, offering suggestions on fabric, and the dress came in a timely manner, which is amazing since their dresses are handmade!

I hope you all enjoyed a look at our wedding, and for those of you currently planning a wedding I will offer this little bit of advice. You do You! This day is about you guys as a couple, all the silly traditions, pushy relatives, pricey vendors etc can shush. I can happily look back on my wedding day with no regrets because Dane and I stayed true to ourselves.

Happy Saturday my loves.



6 thoughts on “So I got married…

  1. Sarah, these are beautiful!!!! How sweet of you to share with us! Wonderful advise to all planning their special day! It’s such a blessing to marry your best friend & while you will have trials & hard times I can honestly say life gets “sweeter as the years go by” (to quote the hymn writer Lelia Morris!) after almost 24 years with my amazing hubby! Stay true to the Lord & true to each other, pray with each other & for each other, laugh (a lot!!!!), & always have each other’s back. God bless you & Dane in your life together!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations 🙂

    I came across you from MilaMira because I’m falling in love with their dresses online. Would you mind if I asked how you decided to order your dress online? How did you choose the style? You look wonderful!

    • Awe thank you so much!

      Oh I don’t mind at all. I had been googling blue wedding dresses and that’s is how I found MilaMira. After scrolling through their etsy site I finally decided on this particular dress because the color was perfect it was just blue/greyish enough to be a little nod to wendy’s dress for our peter pan wedding, I liked that the cut of the dress was classic and would be flattering to my curvier figure, and the fabric was fancy enough to still feel bridal but not be out of place for our backyard wedding. Basically I just made sure the dress worked for me and the venue. I will admit I was a little worried about ordering such an important article of clothing online, but I couldn’t find anything in the bridal stores that I liked and MilaMira had lots of happy positive reviews so I took the plunge, and the price tag didn’t hurt my feelings either. The dresses look couture and cost sales rack prices.

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