Keith Harkin 2017.

So its been a hot minute since I’ve done any sort of blog post…I am sorry. Weddings, travel, back injuries galore, ya its been a tad hectic around here. But for those of you who have stuck with me I have one seriously fun post!

I had the pleasure of getting to see Keith Harkin in concert yet again. Basically if the guy is in town I am trying my darnedest to go see him. Essentially the only time I’m not there in the audience blown away by his talent is if I absolutely could not miss work. That’s just about the only thing that’ll keep me away.

I never tire of seeing Keith, because he is the musical equivalent of fine wine, he gets better with age. I had a particularly wonderful time at his last concert in Dallas at the historic Poor David’s Pub. Keith has really honed his style and is uniquely himself, a true artist’s artist. He cares about his music, he’s not out to please people and do what’s popular at the moment. His evolution of art is not to keep up with others but to nurture his own individual voice both literally and figuratively.

Please tell me I’m not the only one getting serious Stevie Ray Vaughn vibes here.

I cannot encourage you enough to check out this class act. Keith is by far one of my favorite artists out there. He manages to bring all demographics together with his art, music that everyone from the grandest babies to the greatest grandparents can enjoy. True art is timeless and knows no boundaries, this is something Mr Harkin truly exhibits. You can find more info, buy merch, etc through his website and be sure to follow him through his twitter and instagram


14 thoughts on “Keith Harkin 2017.

  1. Thank You for sharing Sarah… I totally agree Keith Harkin is a multi talented Artist… he sings
    from his heart and soul …

  2. Awesome !! Thanks for sharing…and I agree, he just keeps getting better with age. Love watching him play that guitar, love listening to his voice and to see him smile, it brightens the room. He should be proud of himself.

  3. I agree with everything you said, which is why I keep coming to his shows. He is such a pleasure to talk to..he is always glad to see me. It’s nice to be appreciated by such a genuine nice guy.😁💖

    • That is truly one of the most accurate adjective you could attribute to Keith…Genuine. I always look forward to him coming to town, it feels like seeing an old friend.

  4. Yes I agree with you and so appreciate the fact that he is not a carbon copy of other singers out there climbing the music ladder. His very handsome looks and beautiful clear voice and being a very talented artist has him #one in my life and love of music. I could honestly listen to him all day and nite with no need of anyone else. And sometimes I do!!! His devotion and intense work with his writing and touring and love of singing shows in every performance. You can see it in his eyes and beautiful smile. Not always does he flash us that million dollar smile but when he does it makes us feel that he is smiling at each of us individually
    It is a very warm lovely feeling believe me. Keith is the best and I feel lucky to have he and his music in my life.

  5. he is certainly all of that and after having him in my home for his Christmas show, he is the perfect guest.

  6. Well said Sarah! I couldn’t agree with you more as I’ve felt the same way about his music!!! Excellent photos too! Thanks for sharing!

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