Fashion Friday

This is my outfit from Monday. We were experiencing bipolar Texas weather, even though it is almost April it was surprisingly cold 50’s during the heat of the day and 32 at night, that may sounds very mild to all of you in colder climates but when you go from the mid 70’s to that it’s quite a shock. So I figured I better take advantage of the cold and wear my lovely knit hat cause it’s gonna be months til it gets this cold again.

8546856385668589IMG_8603My sister’s dog had to join in on the fun too, aren’t we gorgeous 😉

Hat: Claires

Lipstick: I bought from ULTA its the NYX matte lip cream in Monte Carlo

Earrings: Payless

Top: Hot Topic

Necklace: Forever 21, it was a gift from my big brother.

Jeans: Old Navy got these baby’s on clearance for $10

Shoes: Another gift, they are from my best friend, I love my TOMS.

I hope you all enjoyed this post have a happy Fashionable Friday and a fabulous weekend!


12 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I love the TOMS and the pug! I don’t think we have any of the other brands in the UK though aside from Forever21, nice outfit.
    PS. It is snowing over here and no sunshine 😦 you just wouldn’t get away without wearing a coat and some EMU boots!

    • The pug sure is a cutie isn’t he? Oh goodness I could not handle snow this time of yr its back in the 70’s now which is where I like it. Winter weather is fun but for about a month at most! Hope you’re keeping warm, plenty of tea and coco is probably my favorite thing about the cold!


      • That`s great that you are having fun, and so nice that your sister helps you! I always wonder how fashion bloggers get pictures of themselves at a distance. I wonder, do the others all have tripods and nice friends that are amateur photographers?

      • She is a doll, and quite the budding photographer! Haha its probably one or the other, I honestly prefer a friend/sister to take the pictures that way you dont have to fuss with the running back and forth to make sure you’re in focus, but you work with what you got I suppose.

  2. Your outfit looks great – love the top and the hat – pug is cute too – I have a similar hat – my hair is short and when I wear the hat it never looks as good as on someone with long hair – I don’t care – wear it anyway!

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