Music Monday 9.

What do you know? I still feel like being lazy and merely sharing a song today. Thanksgiving wore me out, there was a LOT of cooking. So enjoy this song that has been stuck in my head the past several days.

Happy Music Monday!

Music Monday 8

Well I’m feeling rather lazy…So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I am going to share one of my favorite songs of the incomparable Johnny Cash. I think one of the main reasons I like this song, other than the obvious fact that Johnny Cash is one of the greatest things that ever happened to music, is that in the song Rockabilly Blues Johnny names a lot cities here in Texas. Nothing like a bit of Texas pride to win someone over to a song right? Anyway here’s the link

Happy Music Monday guys!

My 100th Post!!!

I still cannot believe I have done 100 posts! Being that this is my 100th, some careful consideration went into what I ought to write about. Music? Photography? Food? Fashion? All wonderful topics, and all topics I have written about. But for this I particular post I thought it would be best to write about me and my journey as a blogger.

I started this blog two years ago…that in itself is hard for me to believe, I originally started this blog to promote my photography. Honestly I never thought that I would be writing about anything other than my shoots, mostly because I detested writing. Writing required too much time and effort for me. I was that kid in school who complained about having to write a multiple page report on a book because I could sum it up within a few sentences.

“They killed themselves because they were dumb, that sums it up. You’re better off not reading Romeo and Juliet! The end.”

Being a freelance photographer you have moments where it seems everyone and their cousin wants you to take their pictures, but more often than not, there are those times when it seems no one on God’s green earth wants to hire you. So what’s a photographer/blogger to do? Well I havent any shoots to share, so I ought to write about something…anything! Just so I can get my name out there. That’s where my love of blogging began.

Yes my intentions were purely selfish…but that’s kinda what a blog is right? A blog is about you, whether you want to admit it or not. So embrace your selfishness in this regard. Writing is probably one of the few activities out there that can be completely self-serving and beneficial to others all at the same time. At least that’s what I tell myself when I am afraid I’m coming across too self important. 😉

Thanks to blogging I have made some great business contacts, made some really great friends, developed a love of writing, and discovered a little more about myself. Nothing is quite as eye-opening as writing, there is always a hint of you in what you post. If you’re writing about dating/relationships you’re typically writing about what you’ve been through, in my case it’s typically about my chronic super singleness haha. If you’re writing about music it’s almost always about a band, song, music video, or whatever that you like. I know it’s that way with me, a little Music Monday anyone? If you’re writing about style there is essentially no way to leave your opinion out, style is purely subjective after all! One cannot see the big picture when they’re too close, that’s why I think writing is key to understanding yourself. You realize what your likes, dislikes, and even beliefs are when you see them in front of you in black and white.

So I just wanted to say thank you to WordPress for being an excellent blog site, and for giving me the tools I need to share my life with people from all around the world. I also wanted to give a huge thank you to all of you! Yes you, you who are reading this post! I cannot begin to express how delighted I am to have people interested in what I have to say, and how lovely it is to get feedback and encouragement from someone I may never meet in person! Blogging has helped me grow and all of you have too. If you’re considering starting a blog I say go for it, it may drive you completely mad, it may seem no one is reading it, and you may want to pack it all in sometimes. But if you stick with it and really write on the things you care about, it could very well be one of the most rewarding things you do. I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you will continue to read my blog, and that you all have an incredible Friday and weekend! I love you guys. Thanks for helping me get this far.

Music Monday No. 7!

I think this Music Monday should more than make up for my rather lazy post last week. Today’s post is about a concert I went to on Saturday…But not just any concert, I went and saw Keith Harkin! Fangirl if you wish 😉

The opening act was Aidan, a wonderful Irish music ensemble from Austin. The group consists of Jeff Moore, Christopher Buckley, and Jon Milton.  Jeff has been playing guitar for 35 yrs, is known as one of the Southwest’s most notable Irish musicians, and has performed alongside notable Irish musicians such as Cluan, Gilmer & Moore, and the Sarah Dinan Band.  He has also played with internationally touring musicians like James Keane, James Kelly, John Williams, Johnny B Connolly, Joe Burk, and Jerry Holland.

Jeff Moore.

Christopher began playing violin at 3 years of age then 9 years later he began learning Irish fiddle. In 2001 Christopher moved to Austin and soon after he and Jeff started playing together as a Texas Irish group Cluan. On top of that Christopher has performed with the Blaggards, and continues to play with The Tea Merchants, who won the Austin Music Award for Best World Music.

Christopher Buckley.

Jon has studied Irish music, culture, and history for over 15 years, he was greatly inspired by the great piper, music collector, and story-teller Seamus Ennis. Jon has been a regular at Celtic Festivals as well as session musician in the United States and Ireland. He has become a fixture of the Southwest traditional music scene, and has been performing with Jeff since 2010.

Jon Milton.

I was greatly impressed with Aidan, the moment they started playing I felt as though I was in a great little pub in Ireland listening to one of the local bands. So if you are craving a bit of Ireland but cannot manage a trip just yet, might I suggest going to see Aidan perform? You will not be sorry. You can check out their website for future tour dates here

After a short intermission Keith took the stage. This guy is such a rock star, you could feel how excited everyone was to see him. Keith is no stranger to large crowds of adoring fans, after all he has been performing with the musical phenomenon Celtic Thunder since it started. However just this past year his solo career has skyrocketed! Keith was one of the very first musicians signed with Verve Records, whose new chairman is none other than David Foster. As well as releasing his first album back in September. The album quickly shot to number one in newest releases and number two in bestsellers on Amazon! Talk about successful.

I have been to a few of Keith’s gigs and I find myself having an even better time than before. During this show Keith was playing with Barry Kerr (flute player) and Dave Bakey on guitar.

 Great guitar playing!

The set consisted of some classic Celtic Thunder favorites such as Lauren and I, some covers Everybody’s Talkin at Me, and some of Keith’s own songs Nothing But You and I. Every song was fabulous. As someone who has gone to her fair share of concerts I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. There have been times where I absolutely loved a band’s album, then saw them live and was so sad, because they sounded like a terrible cover band of themselves. I can tell you that Keith sounds just as incredible live as he does on his album. Which is saying a good deal. If you have the opportunity to see him live do not hesitate! Buy those tickets, because he does not disappoint.

Killer vocals!

During the concert Keith said something rather exciting. That come the end of of February he will be touring with a band! I’m crossing my fingers that he will come through Dallas! Because his shows are just too good.

Not only is the music top notch, but the interaction with the audience is really funny! In the picture above he was teasing someone about recording the show.

Looking through my viewfinder only to see Keith staring me down was rather startling. Whoops I’ve been caught 😉

Rather pleased with how this shot turned out.

Not only did Keith put on a stellar show he even stuck around to sign poster, cds, and pose for pictures. Seriously he is such a good sport, I have no idea how he does it. I would’ve been far too exhausted for all that. But I suppose thats why he is a rockstar and I am a photographer/blogger 😉

I’ve met a few musicians but I must say Keith is one of the nicest I have ever met. I mean the guy remembered me from a previous show of his and from my blog *swoon* Talk about a sweetheart haha. You can find more out about Keith on his website or through the Celtic Thunder website

I hope you all enjoyed this Music Monday post and that you all have a Happy Musical Monday! CHEERS!

Music Monday 6.

I had planned on writing a full on blog post about a great band today…I also planned on getting more than 4 hours of sleep. Since neither of those things happened, I do hope you will forgive me for this rather lazy post. I will merely give you the link to one of my very favorite songs.

Relaxing no? Perhaps I will go back to bed haha. I do hope you all have a very Happy Musical Monday. Cheers!