Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

Uh hold on a sec…I’ll start this blog in a minute I’m talking to someone.

Ok I’m back sorry 😉 What were we talking about? Oh ya, is social media making us anti-social? I mean as I sit here writing this I am practically shunning my own family, people who I could literally reach out and touch, just so I can talk to people, must of whom I will never meet.

How many times have you been out with a friend, and heard a buzz, beep, ring, or clip of a song, only to have them whip out their precious phone like an asthmatic whips out their inhaler during an attack?

I believe it was Jerry Seinfeld that said talking on your phone while with someone, was the equivalent to opening a magazine in front of their face and reading it. I must say I agree, of course I have been guilty of this (not anymore though cause I haven’t a cell phone). But I just find it so rude, I mean here I am a person who has made time in their day to specifically spend time with you, and you are going to ignore me to talk to someone who has made no more effort than it takes to pop popcorn in a microwave? Seriously do I have to push buttons in order to get your undivided attention?

Oh the wonder that is Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Facebook, it’s a great way to get more clients, talk to faraway friends, and find old friends who I had lost touch with. But I feel as though it can convenience you right out of a social life, oh well I don’t need to pick up the phone, or go see said person, I can just talk to them on Facebook. Not to mention if you live with anyone you tend to alienate them to be on the computer.

Then there is twitter and instagram, hey I know how about I tell/show everyone what I am up to right now, that way they’ll think I’m cool, and the next time I see them they wont have to even ask what I’ve been up to, cause they will have seen all of have done lately.

If I am starting to sound like an old fogey I’m sorry, I just felt like it’s something I should write about. I really do enjoy social media, I just happen to love spending real time with people more. I feel as though I should challenge myself to be more sociable, and for others to do the same. How horrible is it going to be when our children ask us what we did in our hayday, and all we can respond with is I spent a lot of time on the computer and phone? Get out go party and talk to people in front of you! You need to make friends not add them! I really hope you all enjoyed this post, and that this didn’t come across too preachy. I love you guys and wish you have a very happy Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

  1. I totally agree with you. I used to be the same way, but only if it was my husband calling. I didn’t realize the effect it had on others until I was put in that situation – so rude! Now people only have to deal with the click, click of my camera when I’m near 🙂

    • Yes it can be quite convicting of your own poor manners when someone else is the same, I say this from plenty of first hand experiences haha. I also can relate to the trigger happiness of taking pictures, GUILTY! So pleased you enjoyed the post!

  2. Nice post, Sarah. I agree with all of it except… I don’t think it’s social media’s fault. I know as a Social Media Consultant, I am biased 😉 but doesn’t it all come down to manners? The phone doesn’t jump into their hands – they pick it up!
    I don’t think it was social media that CAUSED the behavior – people have sort of been thrown into these fun tools and it is a bit addictive since it’s spontaneous for the most part. But control is the issue here. It’s kind of like – it’s not food’s fault if someone stuffs too much into their mouth at once! There are some books on social media etiquette already in recognition of this. Thanks for bringing it up. There is an off button on these phones somewhere…. or please at least mute while you are in the physical company of others!

    • Oh by no means did I want this post to appear as if I was saying blame it on phones, facebook, twitter, etc… I merely liked the way it sounded, you know nice and contradictory, social vs anti-social. It truly is a matter of manners, I find manners to be sorely lacking in our everyday lives, so this post was more on that than hating on social media. Pleased you enjoyed the post and hope to see you frequenting my blog! 🙂

  3. Not preachy at all. Just very true. I’m ignoring three family members right now, whilst I enjoy your blog. Ah well…time for two of them to be in bed anyway…signing off to attend to “tucking in” routine. 🙂

  4. It’s the great dichotomy…to social network or not to social network? I think it has it’s positive attributes such as staying in contact with people and convenience. Then there is that irritating and rude flip-side of people taking it too far. I guess one just has to find a balance.

    • I could not agree with you more. I honestly feel balance is the key to everything, relationships, work, diet, etc…If we all learned how to balance our lives things would be so much more pleasant!

  5. As a species we haven’t evolved to take advantage of this new environment of social media. It took us about 100 years to adapt to electric lights, so about 2100 we should have Twitter down pat. Also think of all the opportunities to learn something new. I wrote about the new definition of love according to the always connected: When both of you turn off your smart phones to be together. No more wondering if the other person feels the same way, phones off same time = green light. Or did their phone just turn off from a dead battery?

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