Yet Another Stereotype.

I have been stereotyped a few times in my life, stereotyped about being a girl, American, Native American, and a Texan. Never had I been more stereotyped though when someone finds out I was homeschooled. If you are/were homeschooled you understand my pain, if not watch the opening scene of Mean Girls, cause yes everyone thinks you are one of those “Weirdo Homschooler Types “.

Stereotype 1. You are some sort of genius or a complete idiot. People (adults mostly) will whip out the most obscure questions and expect you to know the answer, or they look at you like “haha moron” when you dont know.

“Spell the word Antidisestablishmentarianism”. I’m sorry I didn’t take obscure words 101.

Stereotype 2. You are SUPER RELIGIOUS!

“So do you live here?” No I’m fairly certain that would be considered tresspassing.

Stereotype 3. You are an awkward nerd with zero socilization skills.

If anything not being around people my own age constantly, has made my socialization skills better. I had to actively seek out friendship, as well as socialize with people of different ages. I noticed a lot of public schoolers had trouble carrying conversation with adults, just sayin.

Stereotype 4. You go to school in your pj’s.

Not only did I not go to school in pj’s, but for the first few years of schooling I wore a uniform. Ya that’s right a uniform, I think it made things easier on my mother, getting three children under the age of 10 ready for the day is no small task.

Stereotype 5. You live an Amish lifstyle.

No I don’t! I don’t wear a dress all the time, we have electricity, I dont have a million siblings, and no we cannot build you furniture so stop asking. 😉

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If anyone has been stereotyped or believed some stereotypes like this please feel free to share, I adore feedback. Happy Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Stereotype.

  1. Confession time….I have totally been guilty of buying into the “home-schooled” stereotype. In my defense, we do live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where a fair number of kids (Amish and English both) are home schooled, and they are generally from VERY religious families, like the girl whose mother thought her daughter should be my first choice for babysitting because she “comes from a good Christian family”.

    I totally respect that your experience is/was not in keeping with that kind of stereotype, but it’s been true more often than not, here where we are. You are especially to be commended for recognizing the need to actively seek out social relationships. That’s a better alternative to some home-school families who use the whole thing to remain even more insular!

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life in your blog. 🙂

    • I understand why people would believe “homeschooler” stereotypes to be true of everyone, because I have met several of them, down to the denim jumper, no dating, no makeup, and all! But I did get a wee bit irritated when people would just assume I was that way too. Hahaha being a good Christian girl is not enough reason to be top billing for babysitter. I know several good Christian girls (myself included) who are great people, but not great with kids, that mom’s reasoning is rather funny I must say.

      Yes branching out on our own and making friends was highly encouraged in my family, it makes me proud of my mother…she really wanted us to be prepared for life, unlike several “homeschool type” moms who shield their children from the world so much, they will not be able to handle a normal life.

      Thank you for reading my blog and leaving feedback, its nice to know people are interested in what I have to say.


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