I Just Don’t Get It.

As most of you know “fitting in” is not one of my goals in life, I am by no means a hipster who refuses to like something just because everyone else does too, I mean if something is great more than just one person is bound to like it right? But there are a few things I just can’t get on board with and here they are.

1. Channing Tatum

I’m sorry I just don’t know why almost all my girl friends think he is so gorgeous! Does he have a good physique yes…but just about anyone who works out hard enough does too, so thats not enough reason for me to like him. The matter of fact is I just don’t find him attractive.

2. Tiney Tiny shorts *insert eye roll here*

Wow I didn’t know they made denim underwear! Why just the other night my family and I went out to dinner, and there was this girl wearing the shortest shorts I had ever seen, I kid you not about 1/4 of her backside was hanging out of her shorts! It was repulsive! I understand that its hotter than Hades but that is no excuse to run around half naked!

3. Manners are no longer practiced!

Manners are for sissies, and everyone wants to be some hardcore biker rebel. I understand how you would want to be regarded as some sort of Bad Ass cause let’s face it Tattoos, Motorcycles, and being tough are just plain cool! But you’re not being a rebel you’re being a jerk. Use some manners…afterall standing out is what rebels do, manners are memorable and stand out! 

 What are some of the more popular things you guys just can’t get on board with? I would love some feedback! I hope everyone is having a Happy Friday and will have an equally happy weekend! Lots of love!

10 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It.

  1. I can’t jump on the bandwagon of people discriminating against skinny women/supermodels just because of the way they look. I think it’s so hypocritical. I believe that beauty comes in every size but it seems like women are quick to limit that saying to only the plus sized group. Some women are naturally bigger some are naturally really small. No one body type is more beautiful. I believe that the only factors to worry about or consider are health and happiness. No one should want a young girl growing up with the image of an anorexic malnourished model anymore than they should want her growing up with an obese pre diabetic model. I hope i’m not putting it too harshly but I really think this is an important point to be made

    • I could not agree more, it irritates me so much to hear people say things like “real women have curves” my best friend is a smaller framed girl and it really hurt her feelings to her people say things like this, and that just flew all over me! Real women are just that real women, if you were born a woman than you are one, end of story! Health is the picture beauty take care of yourself and be proud of the body God gave you. Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.

  2. I was just saying last night while watching a Hot Chelle Rae video on YouTube that I don’t understand why women seem to find skinny guys so attractive. Particularly wearing skinny jeans and tank tops. I mean, I know some of them are toned, but I’d rather have a chubby guy than one whose leg is the size of my arm no matter how hard his body is.

  3. I agree with you on all of those! I hate super tiny shorts, as I personally don’t want my butt to be hanging out of anything, and so many people are rude and don’t have manners anymore. I do think Channing Tatum has a nice body and he’s kinda cute, but he’s not drop dead gorgeous or anything.
    I really can’t get into Lady Gaga (she has a few good earlier songs, but otherwise she’s kind of crazy) or Justin Beiber… I really hate that guy, I don’t know what the fuss is all about. I also don’t like super short dresses where you can see your underwear!

    • Seriously walking around in denim panties can’t be comfortable lol! I also agree with you on the whole music front I like some of Lady Gaga’s earlier songs, in a guilty pleasure shouldn’t like it way, but her new stuff is horrible. I also don’t like Justin Biebers music certainly not my taste…I do feel like people are really harsh on him personally not his music and that kinda bugs me…I mean do I hate his music ya but I don’t hate him as a person you know.

  4. In my age group (40s), I can’t get my head around the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. It’s not that I think it’s all that offensive….I just don’t get it. Hotels are offering getaways for couples, based on the books. No thank you! 😉

    • I think its just weird! I understand married couples wanting to spice things up…but seriously create your own heat, no need to reenact things.But even more than that I don’t want to hear about your “love life”. I feel what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. After all you are man and wife, not man and wife and all these other people. But I suppose being super old fashioned like myself is not the popular way to act oh well.

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