Wonderful summer DIY!


Being this is my first blog, I decided to pull something easy out of the fun bag. Translated I saw it on Martha Stewart. The name of the game is Molkky (Mole Key). As a mom you’re always looking for something fun for the whole family, and easy for all age groups. So here is how you make the game.

Step 1.Start with a 2 inch dowel about 7 foot long. Cut every 12 inches.

Step 2. Next, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ONE 12 INCH PIECE, cut remaining pieces in half on the diagonal. You should now have twelve, 6 inch pins and one 12 inch…a miter box is handy for this. If you don’t have one most lumber yards do and they let you do self cut for free.

Step 3. Smooth out with sandpaper. This will make it easier to paint the numbers on.

Step 4. Number the…

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