Let’s Keep Talking About Stereotypes.

So I did a post on Native American stereotypes that I have had to put up with, since I am Tsalagi. But another Stereotype I have had to put up with my entire life is stereotypes against…Texans. Quick what image just popped into your mind when I said Texans? Was it something along these lines?

Stereotype 1. Do you own a horse?

Not only do I not own a horse (homeowners association would not appreciate that) I have never owned a horse. Sure I lived next door to people who owned horses back when I lived in the sticks, but most Texans I know are more likely to own a dog not a horse.

Stereotype 2. You are gun crazy!

Well we do have the right to bear arms so… pretty much ya.

Stereotype 3. You are all cowboys.

Seriously? No! If I want to see some cowboys I am going to have to drive a good hour or two to find one. For every one real cowboy I could probably find several hundred business men.

Stereotype 4. Well you may not all be cowboys but you all dress like one.

Honestly I just got my first pair of cowboy boots last summer. So you can pretty much guess most of us don’t dress like it’s still the 1800’s. Of course if I go to Ft Worth I would be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t wearing cowboy attire. Honestly its more of a regional thing.

Stereotype 5. We have an over the top pride for our state.

Why yes, yes we do. I know several people from all over the US and I have yet to find one who loves their state more than we Texans.

Stereotype 6. You all love country music.

This could not be more wrong! I mean I like country music but most of my family hates it. One time country music was playing quietly in the grocery store and mom said “what is that noise?” not knowing that it was music. So no not all of us enjoy country.

Stereotype 7. You all drive trucks!

Do we drive more trucks than most of the world? Probably. But with gas prices being what they are a lot of us are driving sedans. On a side note this is kind of my dream car.

Stereotype 8. You are tough.

Well this is partly true, some of the toughest people I know are Texans, but then again I’m a Texan so we’re not all tough. 😉

Stereotype 9. We love George W. Bush

Yes. But it’s more like some of us love him and some of us love to hate him. But enough about that, mommy told me to never talk politics.

Stereotype 10. You all want to secede the union.

We all joke about it, and even entertain the idea of it, but honestly having to have a passport to visit anywhere else in the US seems a little ridiculous…But you never know 😉

If you want more humor about stereotypes be sure to Check my friend’s video out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTGLEuuPGpg

As always I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And if you guys have stories of stereotypes you have had or had people believe about you feel free to share. Happy Monday!

13 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Talking About Stereotypes.

  1. Cool posts a/b stereotypes a/b Cowboys & Indians! I’m a fellow Texas (N. Texas west of Foat Wuth). I don’t own horses, but my neighbors do, & yea my kid drives a fullsized 4×4 truck!

  2. I have lived in Texas and I love this post! Every time I mention that I lived in Texas, people ask me about guns, cowboys and cowboy boots. Unreal! But I am proud to say that I lived in TX! 🙂

  3. I always wanted to go to Texas! I have read tons of books set there and that’s what’s in my imagination, not so much with the country music, redneck stereotype! I just think I’d love it.

    • Texas is great! I’ve traveled to a few other states…even lived in others, but I have loved Texas most of all. I would highly reccomend a visit here. There is so much to do, so whatever your style of vacation you can find it here.

  4. Hi Sara,
    I follow your blogs all the time!
    On the Texas blog, the only thing you
    left out was the dialect! Most people think
    we use those euphemisms like:

    Y’all come back
    Sugar in place of one’s given name
    And so on and so on!

    Bet you could write a blog on dialects alone!
    I haven’t written to you in a while because
    my mom’s been in hospital. She is doing better now and we will return home to Clomel, Ireland for the rest of the year! I read her your
    blog and she loves them! Keep good thoughts for her. She may be getting a kidney in Genoa this summer. She has been Avery good Mum
    to all of her Ten children! My youngest brother will be nine in July.
    Please keep the good writing and photography up!
    If you ever plan a trip to Ireland come for a visit. We have plenty of room and we can lend you a car so you can go and explore if you like.

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