Fashion Friday

Hey guys sorry I’ve been MIA as of late, been a busy few weeks, mixed in with a complete lack of blogging inspiration (if anyone has a topic they would like me to write about I am open to suggestions haha). But I do have a new post for ya, since it’s been pretty warm as of late I thought I might share a fun summer look.

Blue tank: target

White tank: Forever 21

Shorts: They were black skinny jeans that I had to make into shorts I got them from Anchor Blue

Necklace: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Earrings: Stole them from mom 😉

Hair color: Michael’s, finally tried that hair chalking look that everyone’s been talking about, I totally love it now.

I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Your hair is so cute here! I just don’t know if I’m brave enough for it. I wonder if this change of season is causing some procrastination in the blogging world… I keep meaning to post new things but I’ve fallen behind. I even have a topic I keep planning to write about but… It’s so warm and sunny and nice outside!

    • Well chalking your hair isn’t permanent so if you decide its too bold for you, you can wash it out 🙂 And I know what you mean about the weather being great! It’s just too difficult to stay inside when the sun is calling lol.

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