Why Yes I Do Have Brothers.

Most of you who follow my blog probably could guess I am a bit of a girly girl. A dress wearing, tea sipping, sidewalk skipping girly girl. This in itself has to be some sort of miracle, because for the major portion of my life I was the only girl, I mean there was my mom, but she was a die-hard tomboy, so much so she was freaked over the idea of having a daughter (but that all worked out and now I am her favorite teehee). However the other day I couldn’t help but notice there are some definite attributes that are in direct relationship to having had brothers be my best friends for the first 8 years of my life, 8 years later I finally got that sister I wanted, translations brothers were demoted from favorite siblings haha. However those boys sure do rub off on ya. So Michael and James I hold you two fully responsible for these guy like qualities.

1. My taste in movies.

2. My love of a great explosion. I mean that is the only reason to watch Mythbusters right? Yes exactly, to see things blown to kingdom come.

3. My secret desire to be as wilderness savvy as Bear Grylls.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be this guy?

4. I should be a trucker, considering how much I eat, and the colorful verbage I use 😉

No lie I actually really wanted to be a trucker when I was 4.

5.The fact that I still think burping the loudest is some sort of accomplishment

“Did you hear that?”

6. I am way more comfortable in a group of guys than a group of girls.

7. I have no problem being myself. If you don’t like me that’s just fine.

Needless to say I love you guys, even though you are a colossal pain in the neck 😉

10 thoughts on “Why Yes I Do Have Brothers.

  1. Hilarious!…I’m quite the trucker myself, yet I look like someone who would be offended by them… not the case. I have the attitude of a trucker and the mouth of a sailor. My mom finds my personality hilarious… the face of an angel, but the manners of a brute :)… And, if I get just one carbonated drink in me, I can blow the roof off a house – my burps are truly quinness worthy 🙂

  2. Gosh – what a kindred spirit! Always had a lot of guys friends, drank Jack Daniels, and I love to watch stuff blow up! (another good show is Auction Hunters — if they find/buy any weapons, they always get busy shooting or blowing stuff up with them!) When I was pregnant with the twins, and found out they were identical boys, my husband was all like, “that’s PERFECT for you”, and he was SO right.

    Glad you shared this with us, because, you’re right, I might not have guessed that about you :).

  3. My brother is a lot older than me. He and his friends use to pick on me all the time. They also taught me how to punch like a guy. That was fun until the 6th grade when I started liking guys. By then they thought of me as one of the guys.

    • haha that is a serious problem, most guys were always like “you’re not a girl you’re sarah” hahaha but I grew up and got pretty then they were afraid to talk to me lol. boys are funny.

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