An Irish Manicure!

Yes I know this quite late coming, considering most people are now already wasted, but I thought I might share my St Patty’s Day nail polish look anyway.

I used Zoya Snow White, Nicole OPI Fresh Squeezed, and Nicole OPI One Time Lime.

And my look turned out like a so.

I hope you all like this look! Happy St Patty’s! Be safe and have fun!


2 thoughts on “An Irish Manicure!

  1. This came out great!! Normally I’m too impatient to let my nails dry and they end up smeared Lol. You’re nails are also perfectly shaped! Very nice 😉

    • You are so sweet thank you! I actually use this stuff its by Nicole OPI and its fast drying drops and they work really well! Because I am also impatient and clumsy this was a Godsend!

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