Concert Photography.

So the other night I went to a concert, with some of my favorite people. It was a really great venue…for being up close and doing a little photography! We got their shortly after the doors opened, so I was able to position myself quite close to the stage. Added bonus though, was that I brought my 300mm lens, so I could get right in their face all from the comfort of my seat. This was my first time photographing a concert, with all the equipment I would normally leave at home, because of rowdy concert goers. But since the setting was really relaxed I was able to get some great pictures of Elizabeth Wills, Emmet Cahill, and Keith Harkin.

Elizabeth Wills was the opening act for Keith, now I will be honest my expectations for an opener are always pretty low. But in this case was pleasantly surprised with Elizabeth. She has an amazing folksy sound and pretty much everything she preformed was her own. So be sure to check her out!

After Elizabeth, Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder was up, a nice surprise though was that Emmet Cahill came too. Emmet is new to Celtic Thunder he joined in 201o, and I must say is immensely talented for someone so young (21) he has a beautiful classical voice and winning personality. You can check him out at There is much more information about him on his website, including a long list of musical accomplishments, that would take quite a while to list on my blog, so be certain to pop on over and check him out.

Emmet Cahill and Keith Harkin. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how adorable these two are? 

Keith Harkin, the main reason everyone came. Keith has been with Celtic Thunder from the beginning, 2007. His musical style is sort of hard to define, some of his influence include Tom Waites, Neil Young, The Beatles, and Bon Iver, so there is a little something for everyone when he performs. Keith not only tours with the world-wide phenomena that is Celtic Thunder, but he does individual tours, rocking out with his McPherson guitar and wonderful vocals, and winning hearts all along the way. All of his fans are currently waiting on his solo album, it has taken a good bit longer than originally thought, mostly because he has signed with someone new, just a little somebody known as DAVID FOSTER! Color me impressed. David has discovered house hold names like Michael Buble and Josh Groban. So I am certain even bigger things are in store for Keith.

Keith Harkin. Good grief! The way he plays guitar is like nothing I have ever heard before! So much talent.

His hands just fly when he is playing his guitar!

He was just killin’ it. and I loved every minute of it. When the concert ended, the guys stuck around to pose for pictures and sign things, so naturally I had to say hello, how much I love their music, and of course have my picture taken with them. It’s not everyday you get to be around gorgeous Irish musicians is all I am sayin’.

Keith was real sweet, even though just about every woman in the place was clamoring for his attention, he managed to give real attention to his fans individually (myself included) *swoon*.

Then I went and said hi to Emmet. He was such a sweetheart, great people skills, and really down to earth. He and I actually talked for a little bit, so that pretty much made my night. *swoon again*

All in all I had an amazing time and can’t wait to see these guys again. I hope everyone enjoyed this post! Happy Tuesday!

27 thoughts on “Concert Photography.

  1. wow what a fantastic time. your pics are great. i’ll bet the musicians would not mind you sharing with them. It must have been a blast. Speaking of, Phoenix Blues Society has Blues Blast on the Margaret Hance deck park (it’s where I-10 runs thru the heart of downtown) next to our award winning main library. It will be a beautiful day for all kinds of blues stuff 5 bands I think with SUGAR THIEVES as the BIG GIG! anyone in phoenix has to go!

  2. I was at the same gig in Dallas and I must say your blog says it all and your photography is top-notch! I have been aa Thunder fan since 2010 after seeing their Christmas DVD. Attended their concert last November and Keith’s gig this March. I may not be his oldest fan but at 86 I must be very close!

  3. Some of the best pictures I have ever seen! Of course, when you have subjects such as Emmett and Keith, it makes i a lot easier! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you for sharing these great photos and your memories of the evening Sarah. We caught Keith (and Emmett) at a later gig in Scranton, PA, and had the same kind of wonderful experience. They live and breath music and are such sweet guys. And yes, can’t wait to see what Keith and David Foster cook up together! At the Scranton concert Keith told us they were talking about recording strings at Abbey Road for his new album, and it was possible there might be a PBS show of his own. Hold that thought….

    • Oh how exciting I am so happy Keith is doing so well! I just love those Celtic Thunder boys. Thanks for dropping by the blog and leaving some more info on Keith. I hope this isn’t the last time I see you on here. 🙂

  5. Great pics of Keith and Emmett. I could look at those two guys all day long. But then I guess I wouldn’t have a job and be able to pay Comcast for internet use. Keep up the good work.

    • Haha those boys are crazy handsome so I know what you mean bout looking at them all day, but like you said there is work to be done lol. Glad you liked the pictures I hope this isn’t the last time you drop by the blog new faces are always welcome!

  6. Thanks so much for the great blog & fantastic pictures. It must have been wonderful to see them so closeup especially Keith. Love all of CT but he is my favorite. Saw them last year & hope to again in Sept. My dream is to see Keith’s solo someday. Thanks again.

    • It was amazing being up close and personal! Those boys are even cuter in person! lol Thank you for dropping by the blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope to see you on here again!

  7. I enjoyed your blog and your photos are fantastic. I wish I had your photography skill! I was at this gig too. There’s nothing better than spending time with these handsome talented sweet Irishmen. Do you belong to Keith’s Fan Forum on his website? I have written some reviews of Keith’s shows on there; I am “lanaclaire”. It’s always great to “meet” other fans. Keep ‘er lit!

    • Awe thank you, its nice to hear when people appreciate your photography, I’ve worked very hard at it. And no I don’t belong to his fan forum but I may just have to check it out now. I hope to see you on my blog again 🙂

  8. They are too wonderful. Go to the Celtic Thunder concert every year.they are very nice about talking with concert goers after in the parking lots hugs smiles and autographs for all. Enjoyed new member 13yr old singer Danielwith a wonderful voice and personality plus it will be a joy to have him around for a long while I hope.

    • Oh how fun, I’m glad you get to see the guys so often. I watched Celtic Thunder the other night on PBS and couldn’t get over how precious Daniel is, nice to know he’s just as sweet as he looks. Thank for dropping by the blog.

  9. These are some of the best pics of Keith/Emmet I’ve seen! They are both extremely handsome Irish dudes, and, those dimples!! Oh, my! ! Haven’t seen the two of them at a gig yet and hope to when they come to my area. Did see two others of CT’s finest on the 7th of this month. Neil and Ryan are incredibly handsome and talented also! Will say also that I listened to Elizabeth Wills’ songs on her site and thought her voice was lovely.

    • I know those dimples just kill me! and I bet seing Neil and Ryan was wonderful. Thanks for checkin out my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope this isn’t your last visit to my site.

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