Why I Will Never Be Considered “Cool”

So let’s all be honest we have all tried extremely hard to be cool at one point in time, heck some of us are still trying to be “cool”. I think I must have been around 8 or so when I really started mimicking my peers in order to fit in, well sense that was when Britney Spears and belly shirts were the height of fashion, you can imagine that mom snapped me out of that one real fast haha. After that little incident, my mom was really pushing for me to be my own person. And I must say it worked, so thanks mom thanks for making me uncool. It’s just about the best thing that ever happened to me. So I thought I might list a few of my uncool qualities.

1. I am beyond old fashioned! Hey I may only be 20…but I am close to 80 years old in my views on life.

If my appearance matched my personality 😉

2. I find sports a form of public humiliation and torture. Growing up in a household of Texas boys this made me incredibly uncool.

I was always on the recieving end of any sports “accident”. Let’s just say having your arm pulled out of socket twice is a good limit. Thanks Michael and James!

3. My idea of current music is Johnny Cash.

“you kids turn that racket down I can’t stand that noise you call music!!!”

4. My idea of a party is… a tea party!

“I do declare Gertrude this is one of the most outrageous get togethers I have ever experienced”

5. I read and not because I have to.

“Is this what heaven looks like?”

6. I’m always a friend never a girlfriend.

Being a friend to the guys was not only “uncool” it made a lot of girls hate me!

7. I dance like Bill Cosby! Even when there is no music.

These are my mad dance skills. You jelly?

So all in all learn to embrace your own inner dork! You will be a much happier you.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

15 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Be Considered “Cool”

  1. Now, if you could talk like Bill Cosby as you danced like him, you’d be the most uncool person ever. And by most uncool, I mean the absolute coolest.

    Also, books are cool; they’re like a really long tweet, and tweets are cool, no?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Precisely, other peoples opinions are just that THEIR OPINIONS, not mine. Hahaha I also really love Roy Orbison, I wish Pretty Woman would play everytime I walked outside, now that would put some pep in my step 😉

  2. Beyond old fashioned – means your weltanscahuung is wiser than your ‘average’ friends’; growin’ up among Texas boys – (maybe) makes you stronger and stronger; your idea about Johnny Cash as the current music – does indicate you are more-than-cooler than Lady Gaga fans; a tea party? – it is a party for those who loves philosophizing everything and that means so cooool; you read not because you have to do it – does mean you are liberating your learning from the prison camp of formal education; always being a friend never a girlfriend – is really cool in terms of making other girls envy you; dancing like Bill Cosby – is not uncool because most of the enviers are unable to dance without music, therefore your consideration of your uncoolness is totally invalid 😀

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