Who? Me?

Wow I am 20! That really happened fast, honestly after age 15 my life kinda flew past me. Which got me thinking what a crazy conversation it would be if 20-year-old me were to speak to 15-year-old me. Young me would not believe all of the changes, like…

1. You have figured out what you want to do the rest of your life! And you don’t go to college to do it, so don’t let everyone pester you about how “You’ll never have a good career without college”.


2. You write…and actually enjoy it! Ya you have a blog and everything!

This may be one of the most shocking facts!

3. You jog, and get depressed if you don’t!

Ok so I may not look this fabulous whilst running, but I’m getting closer! But I was wrong before, THIS is the most shocking fact! haha.


4. Ya you know Mr. Perfect you are convinced you’re in love with right now? Turns out mom is right, he is a complete troll. But you learn about life, love, and yourself. So it all works out for you…Can’t say the same for him however.


5. Boyfriend? Fiance? Hahahaha no! You are married to work, and you’re cool with that. Turns out the overbearing brothers are now ok with you dating…mostly because you’re not.


6. You’re really happy! You still don’t have life figured out, but you are working it out. Goals are being accomplished, lifelong friends are being acquired, and lessons are being learned. Sure it’s tough at times but you have more confidence than you ever thought possible, and you have the best people around you!

So you have a lot to look forward to! Enjoy life and know there is much more to come.


I hope you guys all enjoyed this post. What are somethings that would shock younger you? I would love some feedback. Happy Monday!


14 thoughts on “Who? Me?

  1. @”honestly after age […] my life kinda flew past me.”, “Young me would not believe all of the changes, like…”, “2”, “3”, “4”, and “6”: Bruhahahaha, just WAIT until you turn FIFTY – my feelings EXACTLY!!!! Great post!

  2. Love it! Very inspring lady 🙂

    Hmm I think I would be shocked at how much I could go through and come out the other side of it still sane 🙂 so many mistakes but so many lessons too xx

    • Oh gosh – 20 seems like a life time ago. You seem much more confident than I was at 20 – at 47 I think that is what shocks my younger self – I’m not afraid to say things I need to say, I’m not afraid to be completely honest with myself even when I don’t like the answers, I need very little to make me happy – a beautiful sunshine day, a garden of beautiful flowers, a good meal with a good friend, just sitting on my porch watching my children play or watching a good movie with my hubby – makes me really happy – my younger self would of been bored!

      • I pretty much owe my confidence to my mom, she said when she was 20, before she would walk into a party she would think “gosh I hope there is someone there who likes me” and when she turned 40 she would think “gosh I hope there is someone there I will like” hahaha. She had incredible self assurance as soon as she turned 40. So I just decided why wait til then. And I completely agree with the simple things making you the happiest! So here’s to much more relaxed, confident, and lovely days ahead!

  3. I love this post! I myself am actually turning 22 in a week; so this is refreshing in comparison to my momentary lapses of age negativity.
    I’m just looking forward to botox – just kidding. Happy Birthday!


    • Botox eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew hahaha. I am so pleased you enjoyed this post, I use to freak over getting older, mostly because I felt like I had done nothing significant, but looking back gives a lot of perspective!

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