Fashion Friday is National Wear Red Day!

So I have never done a fashion Friday before…mostly because I am far too lazy to really dress nice, unless I know for certain I am going somewhere where I really should wear something other than a T-shirt and jeans. But today is national wear red day, in support of fighting heart disease in women, so I decided I would glam it up a tad. So here ya go! Oh and please ignore my lack of modeling skills 😉


Necklace bracelet combo: Christmas gift.

Corset: Hot Topic.

Cardigan: Cotton On.

Skirt: Target. I bought this skirt when I was around 13, can’t believe the thing still fits, but I haven’t changed much in 7 years haha.

Pumps: Charlotte Russe. And to answer your question yes they are challenging to walk in. 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone good health and a fabulous weekend. Happy Friday!


24 thoughts on “Fashion Friday is National Wear Red Day!

    • Thank you 🙂 I pulled my hair back like I was going to put in a ponytail and wrapped it around itself like a bun and secured it, all the while keep my bangs out of the way. Then I pulled my bangs up, kind of twisted them towards the back (making the little bump) then secured the bump with bobby pins. I hope that was clear enough directions. I have a hard time describing how I do my hair with only words lol. But there are a lot of videos on how to get a little bump on youtube.

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