Valentine Plans For A Super Single Girl!

With Valentines fast approaching I thought I might do a little post on what Valentines means for those of us who are not so fortunate in love, as the rest of you coupled up show offs. 😉

Step 1. Pretend that we are happy for our gushing friend, who is bragging about how they have the best significant other in the world.

“I’m happy for you…really I am”

Step 2. Mock affectionate couples from afar.

“Hahahaha do you realize how ridiculous the two of you look?”

Step 3. Buy pity party supplies for your evening alone…all alone *sigh*.

Step 4. Stalk your exes and their relationships on facebook! And console yourself with the fact “you are much prettier than her”

“I have no idea what he sees in her”

Step 5. After all that stalking burnt some calories you decide you derserve a little Ben and Jerry’s, and by a little I mean eating your weight in the stuff.

“this ought to do…for now anyways”

Step 6. Throw yourself on the floor like a small child who can not get their way, and wallow in self pity!

Step 7. Get up brush yourself off and realize you feel a lot better, and that you are thankful that this day comes only once a year.

I really hope you guys got a kick out of this post! Happy Tuesday!


22 thoughts on “Valentine Plans For A Super Single Girl!

  1. Hahahaha I love this! I’m a Valentines hater – always have been, even in relationships I warned boyfriends ‘don’t even think about doing anything for Valentines!’ I think it puts pressure on (mostly guys) to be ‘a good boyfriend’ and spoil their girlfriends.

    Now I love being spoiled as much as the next girl, however, if they are only spoiling me because they feel they must, purely because it if Feb 14th – I’d rather they didn’t, and came back to me wanting to spoil me when they feel like it. It would mean far more to me.

    OK – rant over! Great post though, made me giggle 🙂

  2. I agree with Goodywinks… I would rather have my boyfriend surprise me throughout the year with something special, and not a specific day – marked on the calendar – it completely takes the romance out of it. Boo Valentine’s Day 😛

  3. Whoever introduced this abomination to the civilised world, this thing called Valentine’s Day? Hey, you think only singles suffer? Tell you what, years ago my ex-bf forcibly took me out to dinner when I specifically told him that I didn’t want to celebrate this stupid day (why celebrate just because other cretins do so to pretend that they’re in love and I don’t want to celebrate this on the same day with everyone else and pay a bomb for it?) and you know where we ended up? Pizza Hut and the only place we could get was next to the toilets. Everytime a door opened, I get wafts of smell of the toilet cleaner. Yes, it goes oh-so-well with pizza.

  4. Haha I love this post! It is so funny. I especially like #2. I am single and will spend yet another valentines alone (although I’ve always thought the holiday was silly, even when I wasn’t single) and I may just use a few of these!

    • It’s fun! I don’t remember what movie it is from but this little kid say’s “that’s a stupid thing to do during cold and flu season” to a couple that is making out. I just loved it I laughed my behind off! So now that is what I say 😉

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