Lessons to be learned from Disney Princesses!

Well I was talking about all the Disney princess movies, with my mom and little sister today, and got to thinking about all of the morals I never noticed before. So I thought I might share them with you today!

1. Cinderella.

Moral: The right shoes really can change your life for the better! 😉

2. Sleeping Beauty

Moral: People who say “you are sleeping your life away” are straight up wrong! I mean Aurora found the love of her life just by sleeping 😉


Moral: Having a pet tiger is really cool!

4. Snow white

Moral: Accepting food from strangers is a serious no no!

5. Ariel

Moral: Guys are happy enough just to have you around…So you don’t even have to talk to him 😉

6. Pocahontas

Moral: Falling in love with Mel Gibson is never a good idea!

7. Belle

Moral: It is tough work trying to change a man into a prince 😉

All of this was in good fun, so I hope I made you laugh. And hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday! Love you guys!

19 thoughts on “Lessons to be learned from Disney Princesses!

  1. The first time I logged on your blog, it was just one piece that I saw. Today I went thru all of your posts. You are quite a writer and have posted so much.. I liked all of your comments on various issues that you looked at. Good job. Keep it up.

  2. I think your “take” on life is absolutely refreshing and your talent for presentation keeps me reading all the way down to the last word. This is truly a fun and funny post and I love your others too, so I am passing forward to you The Versatile Blogger Award because you are not only versatile, you are inspirational and clever. You can find details about the award at my post on Promoting Pride in Blogging at http://notesfromtheblogusfear.com . Congratulations. Dor

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