My Top Makeup No No’s!

As I sat watching tv, The Bachelor to be more specific, and I know I know the show is ridiculous but let’s face everyone could use a good laugh! I couldn’t help but notice all of the makeup offenses I cannot stand! So for the uninformed or for those of you looking for a laugh I thought I would post the don’t of makeup!

1. The over blusher! Wow you look really embarrassed 😉 I for one detest this look! Why oh why do people abuse their blush?


2. Way too much foundation! You are not a building so lay off on the foundation! Everyone wants flawless skin myself included, but when you have so much makeup on you look like a weird Barbie doll, you need to cut back a little!


3. Having lip liner waaaaaaaaaaay darker than your lipstick! Who wants to look like a coloring book that has yet to have been finished?


4. The drawn on eyebrow look! What is so wrong with natural looking brows that people decided to shave them off, and then draw them on?


5. The chameleon! when you put on your makeup it should look as though you have nothing on! Not that you have completely changed races! Wait a minute you used to be white right?

Another offense under this category is when people start mistaking you for a vampire! lay off the white powder! The goth look is not cool, the 90’s are over!


6. The desperately clinging to yester year look. Wearing just as much crazy makeup that you did when you were 20 even though you’re in your later years, is just as ridiculous as a 20-year-old walking out of the house in a onesie!

Oh my just so much wrong in this picture!

There are a great many other offenses I could name off, but the main point I am trying to make is please people remember that makeup is supposed to enhance what is already beautiful about you!  Just remember that less is more! Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Happy Wednesday!

16 thoughts on “My Top Makeup No No’s!

  1. haa. yea i’ve never really caught on to the whole idea of drawing on eyebrows after cutting them off either.
    number six looks baaad. wow ha. we actually had a teacher like tht it middle school. imagine wht she looked like on real hot days when her sweat caused the make up to smear…um ya..not pretty ha.
    entertaining post though!

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo

    • hahaha there is nothing wrong with a little bit of shimmer and some girly pink, I do however have a problem with the people who look like they have been running a marathon and are way too hot, or they want to look like a clown. I am sure you don’t look like either! 🙂

  2. I almost wet myself reading this post – hilarious! I don’t understand why pretty girls have to cake themselves with make-up like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. Then there are those like me. I have make-up, but just never get around to using it…my mom always taught me natural is better so people don’t get used to seeing you all made up and when you’re not…you look ill to them. I was always told make-up is for something special like a date…or you’re attending an event outside of normal every-day life. Now with kids, I don’t have time to hardly get in a shower. in/out…even my hair has to dry on it’s own. No time! So, I’ve kind of followed my mom’s advice. When I see others with a lot of make-up,I think: man, that must be quite an expense…and how many hours is spent during a week putting it on/removing each evening? Remember Tammy Faye Baker? (Jim Baker’s wife, tv evangelist) she’d cry every broadcast with mascara tears flowin’! Eww!

    Lake Forest, CA

    • hahaha the ugly mascara cry hahaha, I went to summer camp when I was young and witnessed a mass of ugly mascara cry, lots of girls who were not allowed to wear makeup brought some to camp and they ended up looking like circus clowns…especially during a freak downpour lol. Yes natural is always best so good on ya and your mom!

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