Pin Curls

As someone who adores all things retro, I have recently been trying more vintage ways to style my hair, a week or so ago I tried pin curls and here is how I did them.

1. I started with clean hair (I didn’t have any product so my curls fell at the end of the day, next time I will use some gel or something).

This is what my hair looks like without any styling kinda boring.

2. I parted my hair, and put half in a ponytail holder to keep it out-of-the-way, then I rolled my hair all the way to my scalp, then pinned it with bobby pins.

What it looked like after all my hair was pinned up…ignore my silly face!

3. Then I went to sleep…pretty easy step huh? I found that pin curls are a good deal more comfortable to sleep in than sponge rollers or rag curls. However the pin curls are a good deal looser than what I have achieved with the rag curls or sponge rollers.

I must say I quite like the romantic look of these curls, next time I will use some product and let you guys know if the curls stay any better. Hope everyone has a great weekend and New Years!


21 thoughts on “Pin Curls

  1. Sarah,

    We don’t know each other at all. I just started blogging and came across your blog. Liked the way you express yourself and what you are talking about, such a minor issue, yet you made it so facinating. Can we continue to be friends?

      • Happy New Year 2012 Sarah,

        I hope this New Year takes you to even greater heights and better insights in your chosen field of interest. I will love to stay in touch with you, if you permt. I have been interested in photography for a long time, but pressure of work made me let go. May be I will begin to see the world again thru your eyes. All the best.

      • Awe you are so nice! Happy New Year to you too! And I highly encourage you to pick up photography! Even if it is only low key or small time! I say it is never too late to do something you love! Keep in touch and let me know how your photography goes!

  2. I like the way you explain the steps for changing you hair style. There is something I don’t understand about females though, when you put make up on. Check out my latest blog and explain that for me please. =]

  3. Hello Sarah,

    Thanks for your encouragement to get back into photography. Will try, time permitting. Your photograph of a butterfly on a finger is fantastic. I don’t know how you did it. My Complements.

  4. I looked thru your blog and the photogrphs that you have put there are wonderful. I don’t have any photographs to put on my blog yet, but I have put in three posts on my blog:1. Arab Spring,
    2. New year 2012, 3. Obituary of commonsense. This is all my contribution to blog world so far.

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