Pin Curls

As someone who adores all things retro, I have recently been trying more vintage ways to style my hair, a week or so ago I tried pin curls and here is how I did them.

1. I started with clean hair (I didn’t have any product so my curls fell at the end of the day, next time I will use some gel or something).

This is what my hair looks like without any styling kinda boring.

2. I parted my hair, and put half in a ponytail holder to keep it out-of-the-way, then I rolled my hair all the way to my scalp, then pinned it with bobby pins.

What it looked like after all my hair was pinned up…ignore my silly face!

3. Then I went to sleep…pretty easy step huh? I found that pin curls are a good deal more comfortable to sleep in than sponge rollers or rag curls. However the pin curls are a good deal looser than what I have achieved with the rag curls or sponge rollers.

I must say I quite like the romantic look of these curls, next time I will use some product and let you guys know if the curls stay any better. Hope everyone has a great weekend and New Years!

What I learned from “Say Yes To The Dress”

So similarly to almost every other girly girl in the world I love watching shows about weddings and the like, but especially Say Yes To The Dress! A show about dresses? What could be better? I know most guys won’t understand…but let’s be honest we don’t really want them to. They have call of duty we have say yes to the dress. Funny enough though both sexes use the same excuse for their entertainment…”yes it’s fun but it’s educational!”. So here are some things that I have learned.

1. My mom is the best! If you have ever seen the show then you know the crazy moms, the ones who feel the need to live vicariously through their daughters, the control freaks, or the just straight up mean! So needless to say I am thankful my mom loves me and supports me with whatever my fashion decision is!

“I do not approve!!!!”

2. Almost every girly bride wants a Pnina Tornai gown! The dresses are beautiful no doubt…however if I am going to drop that kind of cash I would prefer a car! I can’t even imagine spending $30,000 on one thing!

3. Do not ever bring a giant group of people with you! I know there are several people whom you consider very close personal friends, but for goodness sake you don’t need all of them to choose a dress! You don’t have them choose your outfit everyday do you? Multiple people equates to multiple opinions! Save yourself a headache and only bring a select few of supportive friends/family.

“we have opinions and they will be heard!!!!!”

4. You may get to be princess for a day…but that does not mean you suddenly have a royal’s budget for your gown! Know your budget and stick to it! Don’t try on things you will never be able to afford, it will only break your heart!

5. NEVER BRING THE GROOM!!! Sure some people will use the excuse “well this day is about us” uh huh it certainly is but bringing him will only bring complications! You do not need him to tell you how to dress! You were dressing yourself long before he was in the picture.  Most grooms will nit pick just because they feel like they have to add something to the opinion pot, when the reality is if he had not been there and you picked the dress he had ripped apart  for your wedding day, he would think you were beautiful, because every good groom does! I mean have you ever heard of a groom saying “the wedding was great, but darling I wished you had gone another direction with your dress choice”? No you have not because most guys really don’t care, so don’t bring him along!


6. Randy is amazing enough said!

7. Know exactly what dress you purchased! I have watched several episodes where a bride walks into the fitting room and is unsure whether the dress in there is hers or not! Kleinfelds is huge and mix ups are bound to happen, just make sure you can catch one if it happens!

“Which one is mine???”

8.Vera scares me, the woman is a great at what she does, but her people skills are a little lacking!

9. Stay true to yourself, you want to look like you just a little better on your big day. After all what is fashion forward one year is horribly dated the next. Make sure you can look back at your pictures and smile, not cringe or worse not even recognize yourself!

“What was I thinking???”

10. Lastly, it is easy to get caught up in the craziness that a wedding brings, but remember it is not about a wedding it’s about a marriage! So don’t let people drive you crazy with their opinions and don’t kill yourself trying to impress your guests, it’s not about anyone else it is all about the bride and groom and their marriage! So don’t let the whole point of a wedding get lost in the mad commercialization!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Thursday everyone!

What I hate about concerts!

So a couple of nights ago I went to a concert with one of my girlfriends, and we started talking about all the concerts we have gone to. Neither one of us has been to a ton! I have been to maybe 10 or so major-ish concerts (major-ish meaning I am not the only one who knows the songs haha). But all the concerts I have gone to share the same problems!

1. Expensive! Not only am I paying for a ticket, I will have to pay for gas (concerts are never closer than 30 minutes away), parking, and the next few are optional but you get my point, merch, drinks, and dinner! So all in all it is an expensive night out!

2. Cigarettes and the people who use them as a weapon! Seriously I don’t smoke so get away from me! Just because you don’t value your lungs doesn’t mean I don’t care about mine either!

3. The desperate drunk housewives who show up just to get wasted! Seriously do you even know who is playing the gig? Let alone where you actually are?

4. Skanky party girls!!! Seriously put some clothes on! Your lack of clothing does not make you look cool! It makes you look stupid! Seriously your mother said “show some respect for yourself” not show YOURSELF!

5. The screamers! Seriously what kind of world would it be if you acted the same way you do as an audience member in everyday settings? For instance “hi what can I get for you today?”- Coffee barista “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!”-Screamer. Of course no one wants to play to a dead audience, but screaming at them through the whole show is just plain obnoxious, and a guarantee you will be the last person they want to talk to!

6. The jerk who thinks its ok to mosh to every song whether it’s metal or not! Look buddy if you have aggression issues take it out on a punching bag not me!

7. Lastly the person who doesn’t believe in using deodorant! It’s bad enough we are all crammed in here like sardines so at least put on some deodorant!!!

And after all that you walk away from the concert broke, exhausted, deaf from the sound guy thinking that turning the music all the way up is the real way to enjoy it, bruised from crazy mosh pit guy, and smelly from the stinky sweaty people around you! Yep concerts sure sound like fun huh? But seriously with all the negatives they can dish out, nothing beats getting to hear your favorite band, having them sound just as amazing live as they do on cd, and getting to shake their hand and realizing they are just as down to earth as you thought they were! Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Monday everyone!

Bri’s Senior Portraits

So this has been a long time coming, please forgive me, but you all must know how crazy the holiday season is…I’m thinking about celebrating Christmas next month not even joking! So I finally am posting some of my favorites from Bri’s senior portrait session. Happy Friday!

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

I love this shot!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! TGIF


A Crime of Fashion!!!

I was talking with my mother a few days ago about how people will do the craziest things if they think it will make them look beautiful. This of course is nothing new to us, I mean even the Grimm’s brothers were well aware of this fact, in their story of Snow White (keep in mind Disney made it lot less dark) the evil queen tries to kill snow-white with a corset that is too tight!

The Grimm’s version of death by something too tight.

America’s version 😉

 Of course nowadays there are a lot less image obsessed murderers running amok. So let’s talk about some of the dangerous beauty products out there that frighten me. I’m not even talking about the poisonous products in our makeup, diet pills, or even they fact that people carve their bodies like Christmas hams resulting in a frightened mannequin look all in the hopes of looking younger and more beautiful.


I am talking about the beauty products that some people use everyday.

1. The heated eyelash curler. Are we as a people freaking nuts? Why oh why would anyone use a heating element near their eyes? I have sworn off even the regular eyelash curlers after hurting myself like I have never done before (I was careful but that sucker still got me)!

2. The Instyler, yet again another heating element I am scared to death of, I mean what could possibly go wrong its just a rotating curling iron? It’s not like it cold tangle and burn the heck out of you!

3. Vibrating mascara, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but the idea of my mascara wand moving is a little frightening, knowing me I would end up stabbing myself in the eye so no thank you.

4. Tanning beds, don’t get me wrong I love having a nice tan, but I figure that using some sunscreen and 20 minutes in the sun is safer and cheaper. I mean why on earth would I get into something that looks like a giant oven and pay to do so, I mean the thing is pretty much a person toaster, you go in white don’t come out til a golden brown, I just kind of grossed myself out, can’t eat toast for while now haha.

5. Waxing, who on earth thought of this??? Hmmm using a razor to remove hair seems dangerous I should probably just rip those suckers out! Really? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Look I get the need to improve yourself, I mean who doesn’t want to look beautiful right? But let’s learn to draw a line (and not the ones that plastic surgeons draw on you before they cut you up) I’m talking about knowing when enough is enough. I like a little help, there is nothing wrong with using beauty products, but there is definitely something wrong about not knowing your own value as a person. Learn to love yourself for who you are, otherwise you might wind up loving your new and improved self to death haha. Happy Tuesday.

Holidays Fashions and My Opinions

The Christmas season is upon us bringing along with it an influx of different “Holiday Fashions” Let us begin with the Kitschy nostalgia fashions.

Christmas Theme Sweaters

                                       Now I personally do not have a problem with these sweaters if you are having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, or even if you’re doing your Funny Christmas card portraits in them, but other than that please don’t wear them, you can wear sweaters just not any that are holiday specific.

Holiday socks

Honestly my feet get so cold in the winter I don’t really even care if my socks match so I can’t honestly have a big problem with these.

The Santa Hat (Please ignore how uncomfortable these people look)

the santa hat, adorable on certain people for only one month during the year. Children in my opinion could wear only these hats in december and be just precious, they could forget about any other style and just stick with these if they wanted. Adults however have to pick very carefully when to wear them, please do not replace your everyday winter hats with this item if you’re older than 13.

Now let’s move onto the more sparkly items, please remember ” all that glitters is not gold”

Super Sparkly Pumps

Hooray someone finally made it acceptable for us to still wear our Dorothy-esque shoes! I love sparkly pumps but only when they take center stage…the whole point of these shoes is for them to make a statement not for them to compete with the rest of you that is covered in sparkle, like a disco ball, sparkle is like salt use sparingly.

 Glitter eyeshadow

I personally will probably never try this look, for fear of glitter getting in my eye and scratching it to pieces I freak if I so much as get an eyelash in there! So it’s a no from me, its cute (if done right, sometimes it look like a party girl who never washes her face) but in my opinion it seems a little dangerous.

Sequined dress

This one is a toss-up for me, I like it and then I don’t, it’s all about following specific rules, make sure the shape is flattering, the sequins are not too big, you have the right accessories, and that you wear it in a proper setting. If all of these rules are followed you can pull it off!

Sequined top

I think apart from the shoes, this is the most accessible glittery look, I really like the sequined tops, especially when paired with tougher accessories, leather jacket, biker or combat boots, and a great pair of rock star style skinny jeans.

Next up velvet.

Velvet Blazer

Strangely enough I love this look, I think it looks quite posh (when the cut is right) and both men and women look great in velvet blazers.

Velvet dresses.

I just don’t care for velvet dresses, I wore one in the 90’s (it was cute then) but to me it seems silly to wear an article of clothing I wore when I was a child. Too dated for me.

Velvet shoes.

I like them quite a bit for winter, they look cozy and polished a combination that almost never seems to happen! Just don’t wear them when the ground is wet! Yikes!

These are strictly my opinions, if you don’t agree with me that’s just fine, the world would be a much duller place if we all dressed the same, but most of us can still remain ourselves and follow a few fashion guidelines. Happy Wednesday!