Indian Tacos!

 So as some of you may or may not know I am of Cherokee descent, I am mostly English but I feel more Cherokee than anything, I didn’t start learning about my heritage until a few years ago, and I have been in love with the culture ever since! One thing all cultures have in common no matter where they originate is their own unique food! And let me tell you I looooove Native American food so good! My mom was wonderful enough to make some indian tacos, it consists of frybread, pinto beans, hominy relish (sounds a little out there but my word it is amazing!), ground buffalo, lettuce, tomatoes, and yogurt (takes the place of what is normally sour cream). It was so delicious!



Dog Sitting.

So about a week ago a friend of mine asked me to dog/home sit for her, I of course jumped at it, I’ve watched her dog before and he is pretty sweet, and a little extra me time and cash never hurts. What was great about it I had a LOT of me time! There was no tv or computer so I did not waste a lot of time being lazy, which I am guilty of most of the time hahaha. So how did I spend my time you might ask? I took care of Ace (the dog), read a little (Jane Eyre), Jogged, Talked to friends (cell phone, see I did have some technology), listened to music, and took some pictures 🙂

Something else that was great about my stay was the weather was gorgeous! Nice and cool but not cold! This of course lasted a little while, then we got some pretty scary looking clouds! I’ll show you the polar opposite weather that we get here in Texas.

So all in all I had a great time.