Wesley “Weasel” Forshaw an angel among us.


So as some of you may or may not know I lost my pop when I was only 4 years old, he died in a car accident, and to this day I know how precious and short life can be. I have never met a man so loving as my pop. He never knew a stranger and was never lacking for a joke, he was the life of the party and the best friend to everyone who knew him.

Part of the reason I love photography so much is that it captures a moment in time, and even part of who someone was or still is. I love to go through all the pictures of my pop, I am so thankful I have them, it has shown me that pictures are more than art, but they are a time capsule to bring you back, or to bring others to a world they would never had known without those pictures.

My pop was a jack of all trades, he was a gunfighter at six flags, a professional framer at MJ Designs, and an actor.

But more than that he was a wonderful friend, loving husband, and amazing father! I am so blessed to have had him as a father.

39 thoughts on “Wesley “Weasel” Forshaw an angel among us.

  1. Hello, I was looking up some old friends and came across your blog. Weasel and I went to Oklahoma Baptist University together. We were buddies that lifted weights and wrestled around. He was on the track team and threw the shot-putt.

    Weasel was a nut! The last time I saw him was about 1980-81 at 6 Flags in Texas. He was “gun fighting” and said he was having a blast. About 12 or so years later, I think I saw your dad on a Walker Texas Ranger show. Sure did look like him anyway.

    I did not keep any contacts as I moved to go to seminary and I pastor a Church in Kansas today. Sorry your dad is gone. Again, I just want to say, he was nut! But the very best sweet nut ever!

    God’s blessings

    • Awe I’m glad you came across my blog 🙂 I love hearing from everyone he met how much they loved him 🙂 and yes you did see him in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger he actually did a couple of them. and I certainly couldn’t agree with you more about Pop being the very best sweet giant gregarious crazy wonderful nut ever!

  2. Sarah, I went to Harvest with your mom and dad. They were both such loving, giving people. I hope your mom and brothers are doing well. Looks like you are doing fine. Weasel framed my Purple Heart for my birthday one year. He was such a gregarious, lovable bear. A man’s man. My heart ached when I heard we had lost him. Until I rejoice with him in Heaven I carry around a small piece of him in my heart. It is now part of what makes me who I am. It’s the good part. God Bless you. Tell your mom hello.

    • Awe this is wonderful 🙂 I was so hoping that some of pop’s old friends would come across my blog. I love hearing all the wonderful things so many people have to say about him. Mom and my brothers are well thanks for asking 🙂 And I am sure everyone that met pop feels the same way, we all carry him in our hearts, and all look forward to seeing him again in heaven 🙂


  3. Sarah,
    I have know your dad since 5th grade! He used to come over to my house often and was one of the regulars! He was such a wonderful person and a blessing to know! He used to keep my mother and dad laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. We wwnt to church camp together and attended the same church for many years (Bellevue Baptist). I am indeed a much richer person today because of having your dad be a prat of my life!

  4. Hey Sarah,

    I knew “Big Wes” when I was a kid when he worked at MJDesigns. I was just looking him up on “The Dirt Bike Kid” on IMDB and found your site. I remember being so excited I knew a movie star as a kid!! He used to joke around with me and give me a buck for the candy machine when I would see him in the shop. I always made sure to stop by and say ‘hey’ to him when I went to work with my dad – and not just for the candy lol.

    I was pretty young, but definitely remember him always being really jovial and welcoming. I remember too, hearing the news of his passing and it being the first time I had experienced death as a loss. Obviously, I still think about your Dad from time to time, even though my memories are faint they’ll always be good!

    Really glad to see this website!

      • Sarah,
        Thank you for sending me this update. Loved your dad! He was a big part of my growing up, we first met in 5th grade! He used to spend quite a bit of time at my house. Love to hear more from you. I am not on facebook and most likely will not become a member.


  5. I watched “Blind Fury” this evening and looked up a few of the actors. Sorry to hear about the loss of your father.

    All the best with your photographic endeavors!


    • Awe thank you Bob. I love that my pop did acting so if ever I am missing him more than usual I can always look up some of the things he was in. My favorites are probably the episodes of Walker Texas Ranger he was in 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment

      • Thanks for your reply, Sarah. Again, sorry to hear about the loss. From my experience with actors, I can tell you that the guys who play the heavies are some of the nicest, gentlest people you could ever meet. I’m sure it was that way with your father. (Not to rub salt into any wounds, but when did he die? I didn’t see anything on imdb.com about his death.)

        One other thing: have you ever thought about updating his imdb.com page? You can include photos, a biography, and other information that fans of his work might appreciate.

      • You’re welcome, and yes you are quite right there certainly seems to be the case of gentle giants, my father was the epitome of gentle giant as far as I am concerned. He passed away in 96. I will certainly need to look into updating his page on IMDB Thank you.

  6. I knew your dad for a short time through your Mom… I believe he was still working at Six Flags and had finished the Dirt Bike Kid by then. I loved listening to his stories about being on the set and the ‘movie magic’. I have always thought he was a great guy and I am sorry to hear he passed. I looked him up expecting to find he was a big movie producer. Good luck with all your endeavors.

  7. I worked at Six Flags in the summer of 1978 and I knew your dad. He was wonderful. He even could dance great as the summer of 1978 they had a disco set over on the other side of the park. I ran into your dad years later at the Grandy’s in Grapevine. He was still the same wonderful man. He was taken too soon. I do have a photo of us together if you’d like to see it.

      • I am subscribed to this thread and appreciate the kind comments that people are leaving about your father. As I wrote about a year or so ago, I am a fan of the film “Blind Fury.” It’s probably one of the better action films that came out of the late 80s. Most of the heavies in films are the nicest people you could meet in real life. I’m sure that your father was just such a man. I wish he were alive and still acting. All the best, Ms. Forshaw!

  8. Sarah.. that photo of your father shooting by the Six Flags train is one I took. I did a LOT of photography when I worked in the park. I have more somewhere, and I’m trying to find them and when I do, I will make sure you get all the ones with your dad in them. He and Darryl kinda named me the official photographer of the gunfighters in 1980. I was working at the Arlington Memorial Hospital in either 87 or 88 when I saw him bringing one of your brothers out of the hospital to go home for the first time dressed in tuxedo pajamas. So many wonderful memories of your dad. There’s just not much more to say about your dad that hasn’t already been said. He was a wonderful human being. I cared about him so much and was devastated when I learned of his passing. Take care and I will start digging harder for those other photos for you!

  9. Hello Sarah , I worked with your Dad at frontier city in the 80’s . Also worked with your mom. We sang in the saloon show together.

  10. Your dad came into our home for a birthday party we were having for one of the kids. He saw a picture of Dennis Burkely on the kid’s wall and came in dumb struck, asking if we knew Dennis. I told him that he’s my 3rd cousin and Wesley began sharing stories about he and Dennis competing for parts and gun slinging together at Six Flags Over Texas. I remember seeing your dad in a hot dog commercial in about 1996 right before we moved to Oklahoma. I was unaware that he had died tragically in a car accident and am saddened.

    Sarah, I remember you about the time this family photo was taken.

    Sonja Gordon (Davis at the time) Kids are Cassie, Greg and Natasha Davis

    • Well its wonderful to hear from you again! I never tire of hearing stories about my old man, and I remember quite well how pop would talk about he and Mr Berkley would always audition for the same roles, because in the entertainment biz there are files and files of stereotypical leading man material types but there were very few who rocked the burly bearded look. I am sorry you’re just now finding out about pop’s passing, it was nearly impossible to get hold of everyone he knew because he had touched so many lives, and still is as a matter of fact. Again its wonderful to hear from you and I hope you and yours are doing really well. Blessings!

  11. Hello, my name is jason Hyland and just want to say I was a fan of your dad, I first saw him in a childhood favorite the dirt bike kid and also the three episodes he did of walker texas ranger. He was great as big slime, always. Messing with the kid, he definitely looked right for the part, any cool stories of him working on the dirt bike kid?

  12. Hello,

    I remember your dad very vaguely as he was good friends with my Uncle Butch Cabaniss, My mom Pam and Uncle Mike both remember him and how close he was to my Uncle before his passing in 1979 they even went to high school together at LD Bell High School. Your dad was a good man when I was little we saw him at a design frame place and stopped to talk. I have heard nothing but great things over the years how awesome your dad was and the kind Christian man he was to many! Seeing this today on Christmas while we are remembering those who have gone on brings back to many memories and people we lost! Wonderful tribute to your dad and thank you for sharing this with all of us who remember him and his big heart!

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