Native American.

 So as of a couple of years now I have been rediscovering my own heritage, I am a quarter Cherokee, but as Agitsi (my mom) describes it you can’t be a little Cherokee, either you are or you are not. So with this information I finally felt confident enough to start learning the culture. I have learned how to cook typical reservation recipes, make pinch pots, some of the language, and my absolute favorite I learned how to make double wall baskets! I have never really been into crafts, but this goes beyond crafts its a tradition. To feel so connected to the past is a beautiful thing, to look back and learn from those who came before us so we can make the world a better place for those that will go beyond us. So at the close of this post I urge you to learn where you came from, so you can pass this knowledge on, after all the only ones that can make history are the ones that care to tell about it.

My Favorite Couple’s Pic

So today I had a little mini photo shoot with my eldest brother Michael and my sister-in-law Emma. And now I know why people say to never work with your family hahaha no just kidding they’re a lot of fun to work with, a lot of silly faces were made and some even sillier pictures were taken, but like all things that happen with your family its that much sweeter when somethings beautiful is captured. I took now what is one of my absolute fave couple picture I have ever taken. I could see the love they have for one another in this picture, and to be apart of something like that is so sweet and so rewarding. This is exactly why I do what I do, to capture that one moment that you can treasure the rest of your life.

Flash of Genius

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just feel on top of the world? Because you figured something out that had been seriously troubling you? Well I had one of those moments around September of last year, I had gone on a trip with my favorite people in the world my mom and my lil sister. We were at this wonderful old historic house and out front was this beautiful yard with flowers and it was simply beautiful. So I had to take a picture of one of the prettiest flowers I had ever seen. And when I saw how wonderful my picture turned out and when I got such a feeling of confidence from that, that is when I realized that I didn’t want to be anything but a photographer. I had been so worried about what I was going to be I didn’t even realize that what I loved most had been with me my entire life until that moment…my flash of genius!