Sexy And I Know It!

There seems to be this idea floating around that if you’re a photographer then you are also excellent at modeling. In my case this could not be further from the truth. There is a reason why I am behind the camera for my profession! It’s because over half of the pictures I have taken of myself look like so…

I must have been about three when this picture was taken, as you can see I haven’t changed much in the last 17 years. I thought I might give  you guys a laugh at my own expense today ;) Typically I only share the pretty pictures, but that’s not who I am most of the time, most of the time I am the crazy faced, snorts when she laughs, goofball in the pictures you see above. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you guys have any silly or embarrassing pictures you want to share please feel free. Happy Wednesday!

About Sarah Forshaw

My name is Sarah and I am a freelance portrait photographer. I love art, music, and life in general. My blog will consist of my photography, life, random thoughts, and anything else I feel the need to write about. Hope you enjoy my blog.
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8 Responses to Sexy And I Know It!

  1. Actually, I think those are some brilliant shots, although maybe not as originally intended. *grin*

  2. Kudos to your for sharing your self-pics. I hate those that I take of myself, as well…the major issue being that they’re far too close up! Yours are adorable, however :)

    • Hahaha you’re so sweet, its doesn’t seem to matter whether I take my own picture, or if someone else does, I’m pretty much going to look like a goof no matter what!

  3. Ha! I adore a girl that can laugh at herself.

  4. wildstar84 says:

    LOL, I’ve never had the pbm of anyone assuming I was good at modeling, I’m just the old man behind the camera and will happily remain there!

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